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  1. Thank you gr5! I've did as told, and put new long print . We will see if the problems are solved 🙂 I've checked the switches but they seem ok....
  2. Hey guys recently I'm having a lot of issues with our UM3E, every print I get a printcore too long error or X & Y switch errors... I've changed recently the teflon so not that, check the X;Y switches and everything ok.... I'm thinking the head cable must be the issue? Here are my logs. Please help!!!!! 😭😭😭 UM3E_logs.zip
  3. Swissengineer

    La base de mes pièces ont tendance à voiler

    https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/49799-material-compatibility Pas tous les materiaux de Ultimaker peuvent être utilisés avec n'importe quelle machine et n'importe quelle buse... Regarde le tableau.
  4. Swissengineer

    La base de mes pièces ont tendance à voiler

    https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52582-how-to-print-with-ultimaker-tough-pla Normalement ce le Tough PLA n'est pas compatible avec une UM2+...
  5. Swissengineer

    La base de mes pièces ont tendance à voiler

    Avec quel matériau imprimes-tu?
  6. You don't have to. Add a small tower of "support material", don't put any material in the feeder. and remove the option for Prime tower. your printer will try to print a small thing in the air. For the Gcode I think you could just locate the when the Z axis is moved and add you line, but I'm think this is difficult to achieve versus the solution already implemented.... Or another solution would be same as before but you could edit the Gcode and remove the 2nd printing material part. Your printer will again go the the switch material area.
  7. I have a better idea where you don't change anything on your Gcode Why don't you print something with two materials or a support, and you add a contact switch on the tab on the right where the printer changes of printcore. You know it will do this every layer.
  8. Swissengineer

    Buse BB 0.8 incompatible avec PVA

    Oui comme dit Didier. Mais c'est un peu compliqué. je te conseille vivement de la connecter au réseau de l'entreprise et de demander au responsable informatique de te l'installer. Nous l'avons justement dans notre réseau sans aucun problème. Et tu aura l'avantage de profiter des envois par réseau au lieu de te déplacer, en plus du visuel par webcam. franchement depuis que je l'ai connecté ça rajoute vraiment un plus a l’imprimante. Cela vaut pour tout appareil, il est important de le garder à jour! (N'oublie pas que les imprimantes 3D sont toujours en développement au contraire d'une imprimante a papier, il faut donc souvent les mettre à jour, de même pour Cura, tu auras bien plus d'options et d’améliorations, et moins de bugs!) (et en tant qu'ingénieur c'est vraiment dommage de ne pas mettre à jour alors que pleins d'ingénieurs bossent dessus pour améliorer un produit et que l'utilisateur ne le fait pas...)
  9. Swissengineer

    Buse BB 0.8 incompatible avec PVA

    Hello, Je n'ai pas encore testé le BB 0.8 mais verifie bien que tu as le dernier firmware sur ta machine. La mienne me donnais ce message pour certains matériaux avant la maj.
  10. Swissengineer

    UM3+ print core on UM S5

    Yes they are the same. But you need to remove the small Red nozzle ring before installing on your S5. Official anwser: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52631-remove-the-nozzle-ring
  11. Swissengineer

    Feature Request: A new method for faster printing

    Maybe an Ultimaker dictionary with the names and the definitions of what they mean in the UM 3D world would be helpful... so everyone "speaks" the same language. ps: Would also be really helpful for us that are not born speaking the Shakespeare language...
  12. Swissengineer

    How to glue CPE+?

    Hello everyone, like the title says, I would like to glue two pieces of CPE+. Should I use a Cyano based (SuperGlue), or ABS glue (acetone based)? Thanks for the help
  13. Swissengineer

    Ultimaker Cura Prefix

    For us as company we use SVN to all our projects so the creation date of file is lost. I would suggest the date as a prefix or maybe a suffix, I agree that to view on our UM3E the name it is difficult
  14. Swissengineer

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    I hope it will be ready for dinner then....
  15. Swissengineer

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    I'm dreaming of 400x400x400 THAT would be crazy..... But I'm pretty sure of my measurements of 360 x 325mm (+-20mm) (if same ratio as UM3 is applied) or 360x360mm if square, about the height I suppose the same as UM3E maybe a bit higher.... let's hope....

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