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  1. Thanks I will try that. I changed the printcore but it was not much better
  2. Hi guys, Lately we are encountering a lot of bonding issues with breakaway and nylon (see pictures). We got the same issues with Tough PVA and breakaway. I do not understand how this can happen, knowing that on the lower side, it is impossible to remove all the breakaway material. But on the overhang side, it seems that there is no adhesion at all.... Also I'm using standard profiles with no modifications. with 0.4 print cores, at 0.15mm height. UM3E, Cura 4.6 Please help 😭
  3. Here is my result: No apparent ringing, Ultimaker PLA, standard profile 0.15, AA0.4, no speed modifications Did you check: - tightening all the printer screws? Ours get loose from time to time. - belts (or change them anyway they are cheap) - belt tightness in both rods - all bearings (even inside the head) - pulleys
  4. Just to give a bit more explanation: You must first use a 3D modeler like my colleagues said (Tinkercad, Sketchup, Fusion360, or even paint 3D). This is to shape what you want. Like a drawing but in 3D. Then you export this file in an .STL format and open it with Cura. Cura (slicer) role is to take your 3D for and transform it in a machine code for the printer to understand (what is called G-code). If you want you can download STL files ready to go from https://www.thingiverse.com/ . Good luck and happy 3Dprinting!
  5. Regarde aussi les poulies. voila les prix: https://www.makershop.fr/pieces-detachees-ultimaker/1456-courroie-moteur-xy-ultimaker-3.html https://www.makershop.fr/pieces-detachees-ultimaker/1456-courroie-moteur-xy-ultimaker-3.html
  6. Mais tu es sût que ça se voit sur l'impression? ça ne me semble pas très fort comme bruit
  7. Je n'ai jamais eu ce souci mais je dirais: Du point de vu mécanique il faut analyser tout ce qui est en mouvement à ce moment là. Courroie ou roulements. Mais vu que ton bruit est un peu saccadé je planche plus sur la courroie qui a des dents. Essai de voir si tu as une usure ou alors par précaution change les toutes ça ne doit pas être très cher.
  8. Hello everyone, I just wanted to warn you about an issue about a recent purchase (from the awesome supplier @Dim3nsioneer) You have an issue in your production line. I bought a Tough PLA white but it says Breakaway in one side and PLA one the other! NFC tag says PLA (tested).
  9. Pour info je préchauffe rien, et change rien au profils et ça marche niquel. J'utilise du Printafix pour l'adhésion sur le Bed. Je te conseille de mettre un Brim de 10mm pour t'aider au warping.
  10. Le PVA n'a pas une bonne adhésion avec l'ABS (voir aucune). Je te conseille d'utiliser le Breakaway ( qui est d'ailleurs bien plus simple a imprimer et à enlever (à condition d'avoir accès). Pour info voila le tableau de compatibilité: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/49799-material-compatibility
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