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  1. The update to here also broke bed leveling and thus printing with support material at all. This is an UM3. Just as described initially in this post. As a lot of UM3-appliances got this problem suddenly by firmware update: is there some hope to get this repaired in the near future or is there still no clue to solve this?
  2. Same issue here since update to Jul 31 09:25:24 ultimakersystem-ccbdd3001057 python3[809]: 2019-07-31 09:25:24,815 WARNING faultHandler Added Fault: <Fault: level=4 code=48 message='Maximum probe height deviation of 1.32 exceeded between probes ProbePoint(loc:Vector2(40.0, 15.0), z:12.547 bed:59.59 °C, nozzle:195.50 °C) and ProbePoint(loc:Vector2(40.0, 175.0), z:10.041 bed:59.75 °C, nozzle:189.40 °C)' data='{}'> In automatic leveling process (directly after manual leveling) the nozzles instead of touching the plate do stop about 10mm above the surface. Regards
  3. This was not a network-caused problem. If a specific USB device (TI JTAG debugger with FTDI chip) was connected with the computer Cura hung forever.
  4. With version 2.4.0 (the appimage) this didn't happen any more.
  5. Hi, Cura 2.4.0 hangs at startup before main window appears. This produces this log: Cura hangs. In this case the PC is connected via wired LAN to a 192.168.9.x/20 network and some USB/RS232 converters are connected. In another environment with different network setup (WLAN, 192.168.1.x/24) on the same PC Cura comes up and displays a main window. The corresponding log is here: Cura comes up (and gets closed by user). The similar problem with Cura 2.4.0 beta is described here: similar case with Cura 2.4.0 beta (but not with a running case). Any ideas? Kind regards Nazdravi
  6. Hi, because of execution problems with the distributions own package I tried the provided Cura appimage. Splash screen opens and then nothing further happens. This is the Log. Any ideas? Thanks + regards Nazdravi
  7. Does this mean that the devices web server has no other function than WiFi setup (and this fails)? My printer is in a state where WiFi setup launches automatically (as index page).
  8. Thanks for your answer. I really tried to post the full log, but this forum rejected this because of "violating the house rules" ... Ok. The full log can be downloaded here: https://www.logicway.de//transfer/Cura-Start-Crash.ArchLinux.20170205.log (hope that's ok for the house rules). Regards Nazdravi
  9. Thanks for answering. Yes, first try was with Firefox. But same problem with Konqueror (KDEs browser). Such simple task (fillin and processing of a form field) should succeed with any browser. Thanks + regards Nazdravi
  10. Hi, Arch Linux cura package lacks the UM3 network printing module (Arch Linux is amongst the listed platforms ultimaker runs on). ... - ERROR - UM.Logger.logException [71]: Exception: Import error loading module UM3NetworkPrinting Thanks + regards Nazdravi
  11. Hi, because Arch Linux is one of the supported platforms for Ultimaker ... Installing the current Arch Linux packages (from AUR) cura or cura-git ends up in an access violation when cura is started: ... - DEBUG - UM.Qt.Bindings.Theme.load [186]: Loaded theme /usr/share/cura/resources/themes/curaQObject::connect: Parentheses expected, signal MainWindow::QObject::connect: Parentheses expected, signal MainWindow::QObject::connect: Parentheses expected, signal MainWindow::... - WARNING - cura.Settings.ContainerManager.getContainerMetaDataEntry [176]: Could not getmetadata of container because it was not found.Speicherzugriffsfehler (Speicherabzug geschrieben) Thanks + regards Nazdravi
  12. Hi, in an environment where web access goes through a proxy the default Ultimaker3 firmware download method fails. Is there an alternative method to do a firmware update? Thanks + regards Nazdravi
  13. Hi, Ultimaker3 is connected with LAN cable. When connecting to the web interface this provides only "WiFi initial setup". If this is chosen first step is to name the device. Whatever is given as device name is rejected for the reason "only ASCII letters, digits and "-" are valid characters". I tried "LW", "Ultimaker", "LW-Ultimaker". All these names do match the given criteria but all are rejected. The printers firmware is the latest stable by today. Any ideas on this? Thanks + regards Nazdravi
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