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  1. Got a recommendation how to calibrate? Middle or edge?
  2. Is it possible to mix both nozzles in one print (dual color)? That would be great
  3. Got it back from the UM reseller here in germany.... they said that it was a "clogged nozzle". In my understanding there wont be any filament when the nozzle is clogged... am I wrong? 433,30 Euros for a clogged nozzle (2 new print heads and some time)??? Wow, I really start regreting buying the UM3 with that crazy expensive heads...
  4. bed adhesion was perfect. waitet the first 4 layers. the printed part was 10x10cm, square. edit: was PLA
  5. Don't ask me how - I have absolutely no idea... Print started fine and when I came back 5 hours later I saw this hell of fucked up... Any hints what to do?
  6. Additional info: After layer 1 when trying to print from Core 2 only. Heats up Core 1, prints poo, goes back to heat up position (and smears filament of core 1 all over the buildplate and layer 1), heats up core 2 and goes on... Will you ever get that working? I start to regret buying an UE3e instead of a UE2e.
  7. Single color print but both heads make a filament poo? Whats the idea behind this? [Cura 2.5, latest firmware]
  8. Made a small video with the Priming problem.... 1 removed the first color prime already. Here you can see second priming. Lucky me - this time the nozzle wasnt hot enough to "catch" the bit (happens only once every 20 prints - 19 times it catches the prime stuff and spills it all over the print) Priming problem
  9. If you print dual color the nozzle dips right into the pla after priming... strange behaviour. Was not in 2.3.1. Ruins every print right from the start Printing speed is not better than in 2.3.1 (as mentioned in the release notes). It tooks longer now with same settings... dont know why.
  10. Hi! I've got my 3 extended and prints took ages compared to my crappy Prusas (i3). Even with the same settings print time at least tripples... What am I doing wrong?
  11. Got the same problem PLUS my UM always forgets that my Cura is allowed to have access... everytime I start Cura and want to connect I have to allow at the printer...
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