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  1. Hello, I tried printing with a spool of PP recently on a UM3, current cura version, and had no luck. It turned to silly string. I tried changing the temperature, flow, speed, etc but no success. The first layer adheres well, but it seems as though it just doesn't extrude enough after layer 1. There is no clog however, and other materials work fine. Any suggestions? That stupid spool is $70 down the toilet otherwise. Thanks, Tiger
  2. Hello, I was wondering if the UM3 app that allows you to view your ultimaker in action worked when you were outside of wifi range. For me, I'm unable to view it when too far away. Is there a way to remedy that? Thanks
  3. Has anyone ever heard of damage to their printer from using this method?
  4. Hello, I tried to put a large cardboard box around my UM3 to keep in the heat when making objects with ABS/Nylon/etc. The issue is that without an escape, the UM3 gets very very hot, and I was wondering if this could cause damage to the motors, movement belts, etc? Also, any advice on how to best keep heat in?
  5. Hello, I have some older (3+ month) PVA that was recently opened. When using it, I've noticed it has a tendency to "pop" when going through the extruder. Not always, but when it does it can result in poor support. Any idea how to mitigate this? (as I mentioned, though a bit old it was in a sealed package and I'm in a very dry environment)
  6. Not using spiralize. I would like to do it at .06mm and have it work.
  7. I uploaded a photo - it was actually a bit worse as I had scraped some of the stringing off earlier.
  8. I'm trying to print a vase scaled to 50%. When I do so at a .06mm layer height, there is stringing at the hard edges. I've tried to change the temperature and speed, but haven't had success making it somewhat clean. How do I make it work? Using ultimaker 3, updated cura, with white PLA HexagonVase.stl
  9. I will have to try that - do you know a good brand/location that would give best results?
  10. I just got some PP to test out on my UM3... I'm pretty disappointed - it has the worst adhesion possible, even with glue/hairspray. I know that one of those expensive build plates is recommended for this material, but I was wondering if anyone had luck printing with just the normal glass buildplate? Also, if you do use the adhesion base, what are the largest prints you've done with it? Any tips?
  11. This is great! I'll definitely try ninjaflex. Also, the dinos are really cool
  12. So you can't really use supports with TIPU? I've been trying but have had no luck.
  13. My main issue is that the stringing prevents adhesion between layers - even simple shapes that are a few millimeters high. I've come back to prints only to see them turn into silly string.
  14. I'm using the ultimaker 3 with the most current cura slicer.
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