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  1. Hello everyone,

    I tried to update my UM3+ to the latest firmware using system > firmware upgrade capability and apparently something went wrong. The firmware was downloaded fine and the printer then displayed the "updating firmware... do not turn off". I left the printer alone for many hours, then I realized it would not complete the update, so I turned it off.

    Now it starts normally (the fan runs for a few seconds, then the led lights turn on), however it only shows the "Ultimaker" logo and does not go to the main menu. Cura can connect to the printer and it can even start a print job, however there isn't much thing else I can do since I do not have access to any machine menu. Web internet also works and responds to some simple API commands I sent.

    Any advice how to correct this problem? Is there any other way (remove login, web interface, etc) to update firmware?



  2. Hello everyone,

    I notice a strange behavior in Cura 2.4/2.5 while adding supports for a helical gear I want to print.

    The part was created using parametric equations, so it is perfectly symmetrical and well defined:


    The slicer creates strange asymmetrical supports:



    Anyone have any idea why this happens? This particular part does not requires supports to be printed, however the slicer behavior was very off, nevertheless.

    The STL can be downloaded here, if anyone want to give a try:



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