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  1. Thanks again gr5! No, it does not require me to run the XY calibration. The problem that I have is with printhead in slot 2 - Currently BB 0.4 Yes, there is material. I think that the nozzle is too high, but the on the recalibration procedures I set the printhead 2 to be close to the glass. Yes Active Leveling is turned on
  2. Hi gr5, Thanks for the answer! So far I've rerun the calibration procedure several times with no success. I do not understand why when I use the calibration card, I get the needed resistance when sliding under the BB print core but when I start the calibration procedure it just does not apply the material on the glass. At the end It seems that the BB core is not close enough to the glass. At which point should I try this? Or just raise the platform and do it? Is there some tutorial/video for applying the glue?
  3. Hi fellas, We've just bought new UM3 . So far I've followed the "Get Started" procedure and finished it successfully. Next step that I did was to use the calibration card for the "Z and XY offset calibration". So far so good. The problem that I have is with "XY offset calibration"! For some reason print core 2 (loaded with type BB) is doing very poor job. I've uploaded photo from the glass plate, after the calibration on my google drive - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7tmejZzptFjY25TZUs1ZjRNdFU/view Can someone guide me what is going on?
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