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  1. Awesome ! Thanks for the help @kmanstudios ! Panic over.
  2. OK so I also changed the material settings to see which ones show this error when selecting to print PVA support material. Material settings that show the problem: CPE, CPE+, NYLON, PC, TPU 95A Material settings that don't show the problem: ABS, PLA, PP
  3. Hi all, I was using the Cura beta 2.6.1 for a while. I printed in Nylon without support material and they were OK. Today, I tried to print in Nylon and PVA as support material - a strange extra structure appeared (see images attached). This happened with every model I loaded when I changed the setting to include PVA as the support material. I recently upgraded to Cura 2.6.2 and the problem still persists. Did anyone have a similar issue? Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks Himal
  4. Version 1.0


    tried printing this large model without any support. few under-extrusions at the bottom curved face and stringing at the bottom long face which might have been better with the support material.
  5. Hi, I am about to print a large file which takes 4 days to print. I am about to "Print over network" and let it print over the weekend. I am just worried whether the printer would stop the job if the wifi connection gets lost half-way through. Is it something to be worried about? Thanks Himal
  6. Version 1.0


    1st print test without support material Printing Temperature 195 Build Plate Temperature 60 Print Speed 50 Travel Speed 240 10 hours - both models together
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