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  1. The print failed because of a commbination of too low temperature and too fast retraction speed (35/mms) for the toolchange, when the tool call 0 comes (pla) the extruder grinded the fillement away... here some photos of the print: For the next try I changed the retraction speed for the toolchange to 15/mms, the set the temp a little bit up, deactivate the raft and change the support to 10% and 45° printing right now: Twitch Livestream Several fails later I
  2. Sadly I got a nozzle jam on the left Extruder with the red PLA... I lll surch for the reason of this error and try it again.
  3. Printing right now the gyro with Red PLA and Grey Scaffold (water soluble) Twitch Stream
  4. Hi, the current design is working fine but I am on a complete rework which keeps the good parts and replaces the bad parts. current design: If you want this current design let me know (without desciption...) The final design will be more steady,usable print space for dual exrusion will be 190mm X 200mm Y 200mm Z, and the very noisy 30mm fans will be replaced with bigger and quiter fans. Zeno
  5. First a big thx to all of you for your qualified answers , I copied the profile of MarcoUbtz and edited a little bit, works great. Which printer do you use? I can help you to set up an profile for Simplify3D which has seperat temperature for the first layer. Zeno
  6. Hi MarcoUbtz, thanks alot for sharing you profiles, I am totaly new to set up scripts for printers, helps me alot to see a well descripted profile which i can modify for my modified UMO with dual extrusion. Merry Christmas
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Hi there, I designed a little dual colour print for christmas Print files Merry Christmas
  8. Hi together, I have problems to get an idle temp working in a dual extrusion setup. The extruder which isn´t used should lower its temp and the new called extruder should rise temp, but ist doesn´t work. Atached the script which i added in the toolchange script window in S3D: {IF NEWTOOL=0};M104 S170 T1 ; idle right extruder {IF NEWTOOL=0};M109 S190 T0 ; heat left extruder {IF NEWTOOL=1};M104 S170 T0 ; idle left extruder {IF NEWTOOL=1};M109 S190 T1 ; heat right extruder Printer: UMO (modified dual extrusion) What i do wrong???
  9. I use Solidworks on work for mechancal design. But it`s too expensive to buy a version only for the hobby. I used onhape for my hobby 1 year now, it`s works perfect. I like the cloudbase, i can design at home, drive to the hackerspace open the design on the local computer export it as stl put into the slicer and print it. You can share your documents by link and you can design in one part with multiple people at the same time (it`s working great). I have to say that onshape reached the status of a professional cad programm. And Fusion 360 is just an awsome CAM software for generating g-code fo
  10. Hi Marcin, here is an example of a g-code which i insert into the script for toolchange (s3d): ;************************************************************* {IF NEWTOOL=0}G0 F10800 X60 Y170 ; Vorwechselposition TOOL0 {IF NEWTOOL=0}G0 F10800 X60 Y188 ; POS links vor Fahne {IF NEWTOOL=0}G0 F6000 X86 Y188 ; schwenken {IF NEWTOOL=0}G0 F10800 X81 Y188 ; entlasten {IF NEWTOOL=0}G0 F10800 X81 Y170 ; Nachwechselposition ;************************************************************* {IF NEWTOOL=1}G0 F10800 X125 Y170 ; Vorwechselposition TOOL1 Vorwechselpo
  11. Hi Marcin, sorry for my late reaction, wasn´t working further in this project till now... I didn´t use an extra servo ore electro- magnet, the switch mechanism is triggered by the x and y axis of the printer outside the print- area (and fixed by perm- magnets). The movement for this switch- operation is put in the slicer with fixed ways for each tool call. I can give you an example the next days. Meanwhile i got the first test prints out of the new design https://www.dropbox.com/s/2y3zbaanebivjyl/VID_20171212_230547.mp4?dl=0
  12. Version 1.0


    Friend of my printed a 1/100 scaled modell (400x800x60 / 50 pieces >3000g) of the upcoming Mellowpark in Berlin which is in crowdfunding now. https://www.mellowpark.de/
  13. Hi there, was a little bit busy in the last weeks thats why don't get realy further in this project. But i did a little practice in the open source cad programm "onshape" which is realy nice to work with. The main benefit to normal cad software is that it runs on many browsers (no install is necessary) and all the files you work on is in the cloud and it's free for open source projects . The main body is much more durable and the overall movement is already finished. Printhead 3D-Link Complete Project 3D-Link (this Links are always up-to-date thanks to the cloud architecture) feel free
  14. rowiac, I don't look for a off-the-shelf bearing so far because I want to try out how much the 3D printer is possible to produce this mod on its own . The normal PLA performed perfect for this function (I could even double the count of the balls in the bearing to prevent penetration). The main issues comes from the early state of the design.
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