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  1. nobio8

    3.6 gap

    Hi, I wonder why Cura 3.6 leaves gaps in the walls like in example bellow. I attached Cura Profile and file ASA profile.curaprofile CFFFP_Actual_0.5mm_thin_wall_20_mm_box.3mf
  2. sorry for delay, I solved the problem by the following procedure 1. saved my Cura profiles and materials 2. removed all Cura installations 3. Reinstalled Cura 3,6 4. Imported back my Profiles Now it seems everything is just fine
  3. smartavionics I sliced it again with your version of Cura and both Previews, Cura an Repetier's are the same no slicing error. I also imported my original GCODE (attached to my post) back to Cura 3.6 and preview shows errors correctlly. To summarise : 1. 3.6 sliced my model with errors which are not visible in Cura preview when slicing 2. If we preview GCODE in other slicers error is visible in all of them 3. If we import the same GCODE back to Cura 3.6, preview shows errors as all other slicers We have two problems: 1. Slicing with Cura has major errors 2. We can not relay on Cura to preview the code correctly unless we import the G Code back again
  4. I prewied your GCODE in Repetier and it looks OK Then I used the same Cura 3.6 profile in Cura 2.5.1 and at firs glance Model is sliced correctly, so there must be something going on with 3.6
  5. I just slice another Calibration Tool and error apears in the same territory
  6. here it is Cura error.3mf
  7. I printed Delta Calibration tool and the print has a Geometry error as seen from Picture of Repetier Preview (Red Arrow pointing at error) Cura shows Preview as it should be sliced. I attached GCODE, Cura profile and Repetier Preview DEltaCAl.gcode ASA 1.curaprofile
  8. nobio8


    Hi, please find attached STL file Stringing_Test.stl
  9. nobio8


    Hi smartavionics, it took me whole day to figure it out. It is a Bug. If I turn Combing Mode off, my model prints just fine.
  10. nobio8


    Hi, I'm getting gaps in my prints, like one in the photo bellow. MAterial is ASA. I attached gcode and Cura Profile. What have I done wrong ? ASA profile.curaprofileretracto1565.gcode
  11. than you smartavionics, so it behaves as expected, so one could combine two of them in certain scenarios
  12. Hi, I just can't figure out the difference Initial Layer Line Width VS Initial Layer Flow. If I understand correctly, both just extrude more filament ? Am I correct ?
  13. I just wanted to print 4 models with different Flow settings to set the Flow Settings. Any other option
  14. Cura 3.2.1 4 Cubes in Spiralize mode. Cura generates Walls between Models as seen in attached Image
  15. latest Mac OSX, CURA 3.2.1. MacBook Pro Retina same Scrambled Text Issue, If I connect External Display no improvements so both Displays have the same Issue
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