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  1. nobio8

    Spiralize Multiple Model

    I just wanted to print 4 models with different Flow settings to set the Flow Settings. Any other option
  2. nobio8

    Spiralize Multiple Model

    Cura 3.2.1 4 Cubes in Spiralize mode. Cura generates Walls between Models as seen in attached Image
  3. nobio8

    Screen corruption with 3.2 on Mac

    latest Mac OSX, CURA 3.2.1. MacBook Pro Retina same Scrambled Text Issue, If I connect External Display no improvements so both Displays have the same Issue
  4. nobio8

    Cura extrusion

    I adjusted the "Outer Wall Wipe Distance" to 0 and the result looks better. Fillament is PETG
  5. nobio8

    Cura extrusion

    I created new stl file, now tube has a wall of 0.8 mm thickness instead of 0.4 mm. This way we get 2 lines instead of 1 and I also added draft shield which has only one line. Strange extrusion problem is now gone and the result is in the photo bellow,  As one can see there is a gap at the point of direction change. How to eliminate the gap?
  6. nobio8

    Cura extrusion

    When I use Slic3r to generate gcode I get normal print
  7. nobio8

    Cura extrusion

    Hi, latest Cura 2.6.2 gives this result: Tube is 0.4 mm thick, layer 0.2 mm High, line with 0.4 mm I tried PLA, ABS, PETG Any suggestions ? Mario
  8. nobio8

    PostProcessing G-code not saved

    Whay not? Usually saving a Project in any app means that when you return working on a particular project you star where you left off. What is than a purpose of saving a Project anyway ? Regards Mario
  9. yesterday I saved a project with a ,lot of PostProcessing done with TweakAtZ Today I open the same projects an none of Postprocessing settings were saved I'm I doing something wrong or this doesn't work Mario
  10. Hi, i just can't find a way to reduce speed for small, short perimeters in Cura like Simplify3d has. Reducing speed is necesary because filament is not cooled yet if perimeter is small . Any suggestions ? regards MArio

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