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  1. Also the left white cover around one of the motors was a little out of its position, pushing the buildplate a little bit, enough for the print to be bad.
  2. Ok, I understood what happened. I forgot to mention one major point: I bought a Box3D enclosure along the UM3. I wasn't sure about the electric fan so I haven't plugged it. The sound reduction was great for me and I didn't see the problem with temperature. Turning on the electric fan on the enclosure solved the problem.
  3. The little one at the back of the nozzle? Err, what fan at the back of the nozzle? There is one in the Ultimaker 2 but not on the 3...
  4. Yes, I understood quite a bit. The filament is thick over a large distance along it, around 5cm starting from the hot end. I never had this problem for over a year on an Ultimaker 2+. Well my Ultimaker 3 is brand new. I bought it in past May. Therefore, I don't think it's a lack of maintenance because I used it less than 5 hours. I definitely think there is a problem with cooling in the hotend, but the fans are working correctly...
  5. When I remove the bowden tube, the filament is stuck precisely where it's the fattest. You can't move it except with pliers. Let's have a look at the complete list :)
  6. I've tried with the other print core AA. Change nothing...
  7. Yes, it is working. I suspect the diameter because when I remove the boden tube, the filament gets stuck precisely when I try to push in the thicker part. I'll try with the provided second AA core. Thanks for the tip. Launching a print and getting back to you.
  8. Hello, I bought an Ultimaker 3 one month ago and I have a constant problem of jamming/gindring in Printcore AA with PLA. All 2 hour long prints are half done because of this. Actually, the filament is stuck because of an increase in diameter from 2.85mm to 3mm around the Printcore. Friction in boden tube, retraction prevented, grinding in the feeder, filament jammed. That makes me quite astonished because I haven't changed anything in the Cura profile, nor on the printer. I never had a problem like this on Ultimaker 2+...
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