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  1. Hi. We have both UM2+ and UM3 extended printers, but the nozzles we got in the UM2+ box are shorter than the UM3 extended. Where can we get nozzles for the UM3 extended? Do we have to mill our own nozzles?
  2. Interesting. Any suggestions on what I could do to improve this setup? I would love to be able to connect/disconnect from the printers without them resetting while printing to simplify the code and remove the need to have multiple printrun shells open (one per printer, per usb port). I've only found this thread talking about this issue on linux: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/6886-um2-controller-reset-reboot-when-opening-usb-port-on-linux According to this page: https://www.computerhope.com/unix/ustty.htm And this thread says there is no equivalent for stty on windows: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20607004/stty-equivalent-in-windows FTDI Chip seems to have this problem sorted on windows tho: http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Knowledgebase/index.html?disablemodemctrlatstartup.htm [media=68520] [/media] Can I do something similar in device manager by changing the COM settings? I should be able to change the settings in the terminal tho, I just need to find out which ones. https://web.archive.org/web/20150312195553/http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/112841
  3. Tadaaa! One single Winows 10 computer at our makerspace can now set any usb connected printer on pause if a (approved) viewer on twitch sends for example "stop5" to stop printer number 5! I used printrun (pronsole) and some python scripting. I'll post the code and a guide on GitHub soon. Here's a video of me setting two Ultimaker 2+ printers on "pause" from the twitch chat:
  4. Found a solution using printrun and M25 http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code#M25:_Pause_SD_print Did not need to shange from UltiGCode! Next step will be to remotely send the M25 to the correct printer remotely. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress. Final code/setup/whatever will be shared on GitHub
  5. UltiGCode handles metadata on filament length, print time estimates from cura, print temps, bed temps, filament diameter, retraction amount and speed, fan speed by material profile, and the start/end is handled by the printer, not gcode. I don't wanna mess around with using another kind of gcode that could impact usability for my school (novices to 3dprinting) etc. I might just do something like this instead, just use power relay switch and pause the damn printers if there's spaghetti : https://ultimaker.com/en/community/5912-ip-camera-to-keep-a-remote-eye-on-your-ultimaker#reply-44513 Seems like a hardware solution to this problem might be the easiest approach for me, and less expensive than 7 raspberri pies lol
  6. Hm... install old version of Cura with usb control + new Cura (without usb control lol) for slicing purposes (SD-card)? I don't wanna use reprap gcode.
  7. Perhaps Printrun is the best option for me? https://github.com/kliment/Printrun/blob/master/README.md
  8. Not much. I would say that getting OctoPrint running on a Raspberry Pi is a bit easier, because there is the dedicated OctoPi images you can flash on an sd card and you're done. I would advise a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 model over the original or "zero" versions, because the latter are somewhat underpowered. One tip: in order to print to the UM2+ with OctoPrint, you have to switch the gcode flavor to "Reprap (Marlin/Sprinter)" in the Machine Settings. Otherwise there is no startup code, and the UM2+ will try to start printing without homing or heating up. Do i need to switch the gcode to reprap even if i just need to "pause" a print? We don't need to start prints, we need to just stop or pause them. Most prints here are 2-3 days long and require a lot of glue and stuff.
  9. Cool! I got octoprint installed on the dedicated streaming computer (windows) now (webcam for each UM2+) So i'll try that. There's no difference between octoprint on a windows machine and Raspberry pi? I got a raspberry pi available if needed.
  10. Hi. We have 7 UM2+ and 2 UM3 extended printers. I have found methods to pause prints using python scripts for the UM3 extended printers, but no methods to pause prints on the UM2+ printers over usb. Is the only option to use a usb relay switch for each UM2+ printer and kill the power remotely if an unexpected spaghetti bonanza appears? Thanks.
  11. Hi. What does this "lock" lever do (see attached picture) and should it be engaged while a print core is installed? The "print core installation" guide says nothing about this lever: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/23111-print-core-installation Please advice.
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