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  1. Hi Cura-Team. I love to use Cura with my UM3E and print a lot large objects. Why you don´t implement fast honeycomb with no overlapping an full honeycomb with overlapping? Fast honeycomb is the strongest and fastest way to print rock solid infills. So please please please implement at least fast honeycom into Cura please. Rectangle and octo infill cant really beat/substitute honeycomb in stability and printspeed. I appreciate it so much like other users will do i guess. Brg Udo
  2. Hello Community. First, sorry for my english. Its not my native language, its german. My name is Udo and i am 47 years old. I have started 3D printing 3 years ago with a Renkforce RF1000. At most i print detailed objects for my hobby. This is RC airplanes with piston- and jetengines. I love to build an aircraft as scale as i can. Lot of details can be printed very well with FDM printers. The scale of the aircrafts i build is around 1/4 to 1/5. I have also printed functional prototypes of wheels for a Focke Wulf 190 A8 in 1/4. All with the RF1000. The major problem with that kind of printe
  3. Hi Tomilla. Can you describe more detailed what you have done? Which files you named how and what is the content of? I stuck to get my HardCore's into Cura with different nozzles. Kind regards, Udo
  4. Hi all. I got my new UM3 Extendet and all works fine. I have had a unattended printerror and the filament craks my nozzlecovers. The white rubber (Silicone oder PFTE) is damaged nos and need to be replaced. Can an Ultimaker dude give me a hint where i can get new ones? Thanks a lot! BTW. UM3E ist the best printer on the market for me roght now. Kind regards, Udo
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