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  1. Can't get any of these command lines to work as I'm running a Custom Printer. which apparently works much different from the default models.
  2. Hello, Is there an option to reduce the amount of filament return after a nozzle switch? ( i.e. If I retract 12mm when I switch to the other nozzle can I set it to only push 10mm when I switch back?) Recently I've been having issues with filament jams when switch between extruders. When I switch back to a nozzle I hear my extruder push back the 12mm I retracted but at the end I will usually hear my extruder skip once like its trying to over extrude. This has mostly been while using polyalchemy filaments. I love this filment but it does have a tendency to swell when retracted and I think this is causing the filament not to push as far back in till it get more heat. I have experimented with manually pulling the filament back a few millimeters between switches and it seems to fix the problem. Thanks
  3. ok, so after further testing it appears that I still have the same problem. As this does block off unused space on each side, Cura still blocks off an additional 18mm for the distance between my two extruders. Also for future reference the polygons on each side are not equal size. The left side would need to be just 4mm and the right side would be 26mm. In Repetier you have the ability to set the print bed size as well and X min/max and Y min/max and somehow those setting transfer to the version of Cura used in Repetier. Anyone know how Repetier does this and if so can we make it work with Cura 2.7.0 or 3.1.0? Any other ideas?
  4. Anyone else have any suggestions? I do want to upgrade to 3.1.0 but problem makes it unusable for me. Thanks again
  5. Sorry it took so long to get back to post back (I've been having other issues with 3.1.0 and had to go back to 2.7.0). Just had a chance to set this up and it appears to work. I still want to try a few larger prints to be sure I'm centered good but at first glance it seems to be good. thanks for the help.
  6. Hello, I'm having an issue with 3.1.0. I have a Custom FDM printer set up for my modified DaVinci 2.0. In my extruder setting for extruder #2 I have a nozzle offset of -18. When I try upgrading to 3.1.0 it copies the nozzle offset X from extruder 2 to extruder 1 thus setting the nozzle offset X of both to -18. It won't let me set different offsets for each extruder, any changes I make to one are reflected in the other. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times and have even deleted the configuration folder between installs with no change in results. I have had to revert back to using version 2.7.0 Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Yes, My (0,0) is outside of the build area. I've figured out how to set the print area larger so I can use the entire print bed but how do I set Cura to not use the extra space? It would be nice to get it set so I don't accidentally print off the edge of the bed. Thanks
  8. I understand the purpose of the grayed out areas but my problem is I have travel beyond the sides of the print bed so both nozzels are able to reachthe outer edges at any time. I'm still unable to get Cura to see that I have travel beyond the print bed and not blocking off usable space.
  9. Hello, I have a highly modified Da Vinci 2.0 that has been loaded with Repetier and has an E3D Chimera Extruder. I liked the striped down version of Cura that comes with Repetier so I decided to download your full version 2.6.2. Let me just say I had no idea how much better the full version was.. It has made a 200% improvement in my printing results, especially with my dual extrusion. I have just one problem I can't seem to correct. When I set up the dual extruders in my custom printer I set Extruder 2's X-offset to -18 (distance Chimera extruders are separated). Unfortunately when I do this it blocks of 18mm on each side of my print area on the X axis as unprintable space.. My print area setting are as follows X (width) = 210 Y (depth) = 210 Z (height) = 200 X min = 0 Y min = 0 X max = 240 Y max = 210 I have more than enough X-axis travel to print the full 210mm and am able to using Cura through Repetier but would most definitely prefer to do so with the full version. Is there any way to keep Cura from blocking off that space? Thank you for any assistance you can provide
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