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  1. Sketchup yes, though not my work. I suspected the model might be fishy so I tried to clean it up with meshlab. After I put that file up in my original post, I specifically did a Re-orient all faces coherently, but this did not seem to make any diffference, so now I put it through Netfabb and this seems to have fixed the problem. I’ll see if I can print it :-) Thank you!
  2. Playing around further it seems this only happens when I put the model over on its side like that; if I retain it in the original rotation, the slicing seems to work as intended.
  3. I have a model (attached) which I import. I look at the Layer view and it looks OK; I scale up the model and now the Layer view indicates most of the model won't be printed (as shown in attached screen shots (scaled version at left, unscaled at right)). I have done my best to clean up the model, but would there be any type of model feature that breaks when surfaces get farther apart or something? Using Cura 3.2.1 under OS X 10.13.4. Tongil-clean.stl
  4. I attempted to adjust the materials parameters for a filament, so I created a new material with extruder temperature set to 230° and bed temperature to 0°. However, when printing, I noticed that the bed was hot. Looking in the generated gcode I could not find the expected temperature setting commands (M104 and M140), so I presume the print proceeded with the defaults of the printer. Is this the expected behaviour? Environment: Cura 2.7.0, Ultimaker 2+
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