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  1. I've had a similar problem, and these 2 things fixed it: 1- Slowing down the speed of the print. 2- Enable Support Roof, This makes a floor ontop of the support which allows the main material to print ontop of the support material easier, give it a try and let us know how that goes
  2. Slow down your printer speed so the filament can lay down right, and if printing with ABS you might want to turn the fan on (50-100%), also always monitor your print, and if your printer can be adjusted try printing a simple shape and adjust the plate while its printing (wear heat resistance gloves just incase you can feel the heat while adjusting) until the first layer is good and sticks right, if the first layer isnt stucked to the plate well, it might affect later on by lifting and causing a mess, if possible make the first layer speed 20-30mm/s and the rest 40, it might make the time longer but it'll make it shoud make it work, make the travel speed 60/mms or lower. Hope this works!
  3. I've had a bit of a issue understanding the exact problem but if you can explain it in a simpler way i might be able to help, and maybe i can help you on thingiverse, if able msg me there.
  4. Im not 100% positive what the issue is, and my printer does not have a ETA, but have's Percentage, but what could be the issue is that its an estimate, and its calculating depending on how much filament is left to place and since it is doing a small area (since the other part is finished) its printing faster than expected so its keeping up with the amount of filament left and calculating the time
  5. Slow down the printing speed to 20 for first layer and 40 overall, this will make it longer but make the quality much better and help it overall, make the travel speed 60, And in my case since i use abs i set my fan speed to 50% and make each layer at least 10 seconds, this'll ensure that it doesn't go too fast and give it time to harden so it wont lift or warp. Hope this helps!
  6. Well, I'm not a 100% positive what the exact issue is, cause I'm having a similar issue, but 1 way that might fix it is making the print speed less this will give it more time to place and turn on the fan so it will harden and will more likely stick to each other, but if you mean that the support won't print on top of the first filament, it could be because the filament is heated and it wont stick to it, in that case i do not know what to do.
  7. You might have the incorrect size in the printer settings, or as gr5 said, it might not be centered, to center it click on your model and click this and set the X & Y axis to 0.00 for both, if it slices that means it fits your printer (thats if the printer settings are right) and it should print in the center. Hope this works!
  8. Hello, i've been trying to print models that use support, it works only when the support is connected to the heated bed, otherwise it will try printing it ontop of the ABS and it will not stick cause its not heated and start to warp and curl, which makes my prints very limited... anyone know any fix for this? Example: Bonfire
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