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  1. i been having problems with cura 2.7.0 everything works perfect ,except my printer randomly puts a prime blob on my print after switching extruders i tracked down the problem in the . gcode file generated by cura It inserts G1 F1200 E11 after switching extruders it only seems to do it when the prime tower is activated right now i use the "post processing plugin" to "search and replace" G1 F1200 E11 with ;G1 F1200 E11 and that works , it still goes to the print coordinates , but does not put down a prime blob anyone know how to make cura stop inserting that G1 F1200 E11 code ? The prime blob option in cura is "hidden by the current machine"????? i dont know why because its the machine profile is set up having 2 extruders and the rest of the build platform adhesion options are not hidden, neither are the dual extrusion options T0 <------------ start code extruder T0 G92 E0 G90; Absolute Coordinates G92 E0; Zero Extruder G1 Z10 F9000 G1 X-20 Y40 Z0 F4800; Move X Y for tool change G1 E120 F4000; Fast insert 120mm G92 E0; Zero Extruder G90; Absolute Coordinates <---------- end start code extruder T0 M109 S200 <---------- start generated code by cura M104 T1 S0 G0 F5400 X98.147 Y97.862 Z0.4 <----------print coordinates G1 F1200 E11 <<<<<<<<--- code extruding 11mm !!!! Blob !! G0 F5400 X98.147 Y107.862 <--------- continue print ?? G0 X35.666 Y168.868 <--------- prime tower at x40 y170
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