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  1. When you say everything... what exactly? Like which folder to delete? Thanks! *EDIT* Found what you meant but sadly no change. I will re-download 2.7 and run it (if it crashes I'll soft reset it) and I'll edit this post again *EDIT after running 2.7* So 2.7 now works; I deleted the roaming data folder *EDIT after running 3.0 again* And now it works.... AWESOME! Thanks so much!
  2. Yea so it works with 2.6 perfectly fine. I do have all three folders! I have a custom profile for my CR-10. How do I upload it?
  3. Right so this is a little inconvenient due to the brand new release of the slicer but still (this happened with 2.7 as well); Everytime I try to open the software, it launches the loading stuff but, when it finished loading machines, it closes. It doesn't even register as an open application (I opened it and then went onto task manager and it didn't appear). I reinstalled 2.6 (because that was the last one that worked with me) and after it loaded machines, it open the software straight away; no problem opening it. I opened the software through admin and I've reinstalled it a few times; I've
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