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  1. So I have been printing with nylon for a couple of months now I think. Never had an issue with it, I made sure to dry it out before I started using it and have been storing it in an airtight container with desiccant. I use a glue stick to adhere the print to the bed, although that no longer seems to be working. Things I have tried so far: - increasing the temp of the print bed (increasing the temp of the initial layers) - Increasing the temp of the initial print layers - Tried printing with a brim and a raft (even the raft is no longer sticking!) - Increasing the width and decreasing the
  2. Hi All, New to the forums and a pretty rookie printer at this point I am using an U3 extended. I am trying to print a shower head attachment using magenta pla and the print keeps warping. I am kind of assuming this is because it not adhering to the print bed properly and I have tried both with and without adhesive (glue stick). I then read through this forum (https://ultimaker.com/en/community/6153-pla-not-sticking-to-the-bed-and-warping) to see if it had any tips and I tried the following: - Increased the print bed temp: tried both 65 and 70 (70 was too hot and caused the initial layer to
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