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  1. So I have been printing with nylon for a couple of months now I think. Never had an issue with it, I made sure to dry it out before I started using it and have been storing it in an airtight container with desiccant. I use a glue stick to adhere the print to the bed, although that no longer seems to be working. Things I have tried so far: - increasing the temp of the print bed (increasing the temp of the initial layers) - Increasing the temp of the initial print layers - Tried printing with a brim and a raft (even the raft is no longer sticking!) - Increasing the width and decreasing the height of the initial printing layers As far as I can till it is because the prints are cooling too quickly and warping on the plate. When I try smaller prints they seem to work ok but I have no idea what is going on here. Please tell me some of you have experienced this before and have found some resolutions!
  2. Hi All, New to the forums and a pretty rookie printer at this point I am using an U3 extended. I am trying to print a shower head attachment using magenta pla and the print keeps warping. I am kind of assuming this is because it not adhering to the print bed properly and I have tried both with and without adhesive (glue stick). I then read through this forum (https://ultimaker.com/en/community/6153-pla-not-sticking-to-the-bed-and-warping) to see if it had any tips and I tried the following: - Increased the print bed temp: tried both 65 and 70 (70 was too hot and caused the initial layer to melt in some areas) - Also tried adjusting the initial layer height to 0.2 - Tried increasing the print temp to (I think) 235 - I drastically decreased the speed of the first layer to 20mm/s and even so far as 15mm/s - Also tried to print using a brim - Tried increasing the width of the initial layer as well. My planned settings for next print test: - Print bed at 70 (might increase this halfway through the print) - Increased layer width - Slow the initial print layer - Decreased initial layer speed and overall print speed - Print using raft - Extrusion at 235 Anyone have any other suggestions? I've attached some pics for reference. Looking forward to hearing from you
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