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  1. Erin, the initial layer height is set at 0.27mm
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks for your responses, I appreciate the help! Nzo - I'll give that a try. The print parameters are as follows; Print Head Temp: 210dgc Initial Layer Speed: 30mm/s Print Speed: 50mm/s Layer Height: 0.1mm Travel Speed: 120mm/s Wall Thickness: 1.05mm Top / Bottom Thickness: 1mm Fan cooling is enabled, at: Regular Fan Speed: 100% Regular Fan Speed at Height: 0.27mm Regular Fan Speed at Layer: 2 Regular / Maximum Fan Speed Threshold: 10s Initial Fan Speed: 0%
  3. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone could help me with an issue I'm having with my Ultimaker 2+ I've been trying a few techniques to get a good print but I'm having a few issues with warping. The material I'm using is PLA and its being printed on a clear glass plate. I've been cleaning the glass before each print. 1. This was printed on a raft, with a bed heat of 60dg, as you can see from the image the bottom layers have warped and leave an unwanted finish - I'm wanting this to be flush with a flat surface. 2. This was printed with a 12mm brim with a bed heat of 60dg - as can be seen in
  4. Hello! I'm hoping you can help me with some problems I'm having with my Ultimaker 2+, I've had a look at the trouble shooting guide but I'm not sure if they highlight whats going wrong. I've attached a series of images - which show what I'm seeing on screen and whats happening to the prints. What seems to happen is the printer does not follow the layering slider that can be seen in Cura - and misses out information, resulting in a stringy mess. I've run the stl file through Meshmixer to troubleshoot any issues with the model (made in SketchUp) and it fixes all problems (non manifold areas
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