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  1. It would be great to have it for UM2 in tinker-firmware. Isn't it?
  2. Tinkergnome grate job with the firmware. It's awesome! One small kind request/suggestion. Please add function for Atomic method for nozzle cleaning. "Atomic Clean" 1. Heating a nozzle to work temperature 2. Beep when ready (message to insert filament manually) 3. Pressing "Next" 4. Nozzle temperature is lowering to defined "Low Temperature" 5. Beep when ready (message "Pull filament now!") 6. Two buttons available "Exit", "Repeat" 7. "Repeat" start with procecure again from point 1 It would be just amazing to have it as an function in firmware, do not performing all doe
  3. Thanks a lot for answer. It's odd that 3D Solex is not able write clearly in their store with what models the item is compatible. BTW. May I ask where did you find this awesome looking air duct ("Mark 2")? Is a project available somewhere?
  4. Hi Everyone, I need to order PTFE coupler to my UM2+ (orginal one still works but I need additional one as a spart part, as shortly I will print more from ABS at 260 celcius). I've checked 3D Solex offer and ... I don't understand it :( Main question is if 3D Solex TF2K (with I2K insulator) is compatible with UM2+ ? I understand that in UM2 you can use it but there is a spring over PTFE coupler. UM2+ hasn't spring so how does it work with I2K? If not 3D Solex TF2K what would you recommend for UM2+? What durability I can expect from original PTFE coupler printing ABS at 260 degree?
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