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  1. After having lot of problems with our (about 4 year old) UM2 that stopped extruding material during printing - in my opinion due too cool nozzle - I bought the "Hot End Bundle" from Ultimaker to fix that. The hot end bundle contains the PT100 temperature sensor and all the parts like nozzle-block, PTFE-Coupler, spring and so on. It was not too much effort to replace all these parts. But after starting up and trying to "heatup nozzle" (maintenance menue) I've got an error message "ERROR - STOPPED Temp sensor" at the display. I retried 5 times and it is persistent: I can heat up the nozzle to
  2. Thanks. Yes I checkted all the parts to be in the right place - I took them apart and reassembled for testing. No, I didn't measure the real temperature. Although I'm quite sure since when displaying 150° the material keeps hard and solid inside the nozzle, when displaying 260° it behaves like 150°: Some can be pressed through the nozzle with much effort, but makes not a propre "thread". In the meantime I bought a "hot end bundle" and had some more unhappy experiences, but I'm gona open a new thread here....
  3. After some more investigation it seems to me that the heater can hardly be defective when the temperature sensor says, it is 260 degrees hot? So I have a problem with the temperature sensor?
  4. My son and me, we have an Ultimaker 2 running for several years. We printed a lot and had smaller problems to solve - so we have a little experience, but we're not experts. Just for fun and hobby. In the last weeks I printed several parts in ABS which worked fine when following some rules against warpage. Yesterday I tried to print another part and had a new problem: filament extrusion just stopped completly after an hour - in the middle of this object. Extrusion head moved "idle" in the air. Assuming a stucked nozzle I used the "atomic method" (?) to clean the nozzle. That worked and I res
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