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  1. Yep printing in ABS. Thanks for the tips. I was hoping to avoid holes in the enclosure. The "theory" of operation with the air scrubber I built is it draws air from inside the cabinet and expels it inside the cabinet, cycling it over and over again, increasing the efficiency of the filters. 


    But the idea of drawing in cool air (without actually drawing in outside air) did give me the idea to try a peltier cooling module like this one I just ordered https://www.amazon.com/KKmoon-Thermoelectric-Refrigeration-Conduction-TEC1-12706/dp/B074V4RKXM/ref=sr_1_4. I think I can fit that into my air scrubber so the forced air through the scrubber passes over cooled heatsink fins. If that works well I will add some temp control.

  2. I recently built an enclosure that seals my UM3. I built the enclosure mostly for the air scrubber I also built (with hepa and carbon filtering). A side benefit I didn't plan for is that it keeps the enclosure heated. Something that has had a noticeable improvement on my prints.


    Since the electronics are mounted under the body, they are mostly shielded from the 45C ambient air generated by the 80C build plate (though I need to measure the board temp to be sure). But one concern I have is over heating the steppers. I am reading about 65C on the case of the steppers. From what I read 80C is the limit before you start degrading them. I was going to order some 40mm x 40mm heatsinks and stick them to the top of them, but before I did wanted to see if others have any experience here.



  3. I am attaching a file that has the section of my cura.log that captures the moment I click to select my configuration.


    This area looks notable (but maybe not related?)


    2018-05-25 15:42:53,215 - INFO - [MainThread] cura.Settings.MachineManager._updateQualityWithMaterial [1144]: No available quality types found, setting all qualities to empty (Not Supported).
    2018-05-25 15:42:53,217 - DEBUG - [MainThread] cura.Machines.Models.CustomQualityProfilesDropDownMenuModel._update [15]: Updating CustomQualityProfilesDropDownMenuModel.
    2018-05-25 15:42:53,219 - INFO - [MainThread] cura.Machines.QualityManager.getQualityChangesGroups [186]: Cannot find node for machine def [ultimaker3] in QualityChanges lookup table


  4. Grr!! Having this issue again this year (had it last year during another upgrade).I am a UM3 / OS X user.


    I just upgraded to 3.3.1 and having the issue of all profiles disappearing. I tried deleting all directories in ~/Library/Application\ Support/cura, launching Cura, in the configuration wizard that pops up I tell it I have a UM3, and tell it to connect to my printer. The preferences window automatically pops up, and at this point I DO have profiles in there. I can even exit Cura and reopen and they are still there. But the moment I go to upper right, click the dropdown to select my configuration, the profiles disappear.


    (This animated gif begins where I am opening preferences and you see the profiles exist)



  5. So after even more research I think this might be "normal". Looking at this example of what Ultimaker calls a "good" print, it has what I assume is the same line https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/21330-what-does-a-successful-first-layer-look-like.

    Also, I read somewhere today that this was a requested Cura feature. From what I can tell it helps to wipe the tip while traveling maybe?

    Anyhow. I just wanted to make sure it was not an issue with my setup.

  6. So after studying the g-code, and watching a simple test print I have narrowed down the issue. Its happening at the end of a layer, when the head travels to another side to start printing over there.

    Looking at the Cura settings a retraction should be happening anytime the head travels more than 0.7mm (Retraction Minimum Travel). But this is not the case (my test print is >10mm in both directions). There is only 2 retractions being written to the g-code. One at the end of the brim, and one at the very end of the print.


    Any input would be appreciated.

  7. UM3 with Cura 3.1.0. Every few layers I am getting these drag lines while the head travels quickly to another side (maybe at the end of the layer). In this image you can see the diagonal line that was printing on the previous layers every now and again, and now that its getting into details that are above the bottom, more lines are showing up.


    I don't see these lines in the tool path animation. Its causing the layers above them to bulge up there. Is the issue the print head not retracting the material? Or the print head continuing to extrude? Any ideas?


  8. Question about that initial bead of material that is put into the corner of the build plate. I assume its done to prime the print head. I don't like how it drops the head down into the deposited material while moving off toward the job (smashing it somewhat). Last night the material stuck to the bottom of the head and was dragged to the middle nearly messing up the start of the job.

    Are there any settings for this?

  9. Figured out the issue (or a fix I should say). It was because 3.1 had no profiles in Preferences | Profiles! So I cleared the old settings by running:


    rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/cura


    Then relaunching which forced it to rerun the original setup. This is obviously a major bug upgrading. Did I miss some documentation on this?

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  10. Having possible issues with Cura 3.1 (I think). I have put 2 screenshots each of 3.1 and 3.0.4.


    In 3.1, my material selection is highlighted orange, and maybe whatever that is telling me is the cause of the issues I see.


    • First notice there is a warning icon below the material (next to Check Compatibility). Is this telling me it does not like the selection? In 3.0.4 its not doing that. The UM3 has the PLA loaded, and identified it fine.
    • In the Recommend Setup, the layer height / speed is grayed out
    • In the Custom Setup the default Wall Thickness is now 1.3 (not 1.0). I even went into preferences and reset the defaults.



    Again, this might all be a root cause of Cura not liking my material section. I am using Ultimaker brand spools. I have material set to Automatic atm. Even trying to select it manually from the list of UM3 materials does not help.



    Screenshots of 3.1








    Screenshots of 3.0.4




  11. The infill of my print is looking very raggedy in one section. It sounds like maybe the tip of the print core is dragging though it maybe. I hear a crisp popping sound as it goes through that section (and one other smaller mangled section). You can see the issue and hear the sound I am referring to here:


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