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  1. Brilliant, thank you that will save a lot of hassle.
  2. Previously i had version 3.3 and version 4.0 mostly used version 3.3 as it was more reliable. unfortunately i allowed both to be removed during this install.
  3. Its an Ultimaker 3 and Cura 4.6.1
  4. Just updated to Cura 4.6.1 and there is no Abort button any more, had to abort a print 3 times already today so had to go to printer in another building. Not happy with this "update" is it possible to go back to previous ( i made the mistake of removing previous version during update) guess i will have to do system restore on my computer. Help please.
  5. When you say you are working on a solution, why not just release the previous version of software as a hotfix. This did not have all the issues reported here so voila problem solved in the short term. Interested to know what priority is being given to this "hotfix" as 3 weeks on it seems to be just vapourware. Also interested to know if this 5.2.8 version is still available to download, as everyone who installs it is likely to experience problems. I don't read from UM replies anything about the issue of printing in thin air, in my case 10-12mm above the bed, which is caused if any Z-offset is used (i cannot print ABS on my UM3 unless i set a small negative Z-offset) has this issue been ignored, or is it recognised as something which needs to be worked on?
  6. I just posted on their Facebook page about the issues, and their lack of response. I guess if all those with issue did the same they might start to show some interest.
  7. 100% agree with that, in fact there should always be an easy way to revert to previous version for just this sort of issue. I think having to dismantle the printer to get back to working software is a major failing in Ultimakers processes. Having said that many thanks to gr5 and the community in general for helping, but the manufacturer (especially of high end products like this) should not rely on community help to get its users out of problems it created.
  8. I finally managed to get it to roll back to 4.3.96, still no wifi connection possible, but i have now moved the printer to location where i can use network cable. Now struggling with active levelling and "distance between both print cores is unrealistic " issue. might try wifi later on but need to try to get it to print somehow or other first. have wasted far too much time already.
  9. Will this hotfix allow us to roll back to previous version which worked very well indeed?
  10. Tried to do the recovery process as per gr5's post initially just hung on Ultimaker logo, so reformatted and copied the image again, then it just seems to boot normally ignoring the sd card inserted. In desparation tried a factory reset. Now will not connect to wifi as per other posters after performing wifi setup. So i am left with a unusable printer, and still not a word from the manufacturer!!
  11. How long should it take to reboot after power on with SD card inserted, mines has been at Ultimaker logo screen for about 20 mins now.
  12. Excellent, thanks for the update.
  13. Getting ready to recover to previous version, with the instructions posted by Gr5, anyone know if there is a later recovery image available as this one seems to be 2017.
  14. Do Ultimaker actually monitor this forum, because as yet, no response whatsoever, despite all the issues mentioned here. I was considering ordering an S5 to get the bigger build space, but given their apparent complete lack of concern for customers i guess that is not going to happen now.
  15. As a matter of interest i tried slicing with Simplyfy3d and the G92 Zxx is not present in their gcode. Installed Cura 4.0 as suggested and Sliced with that and initially could not find the option to set a negative Z-offset. It is uses the Z-offset add on which i found and installed from the Marketplace. Once this was done sliced again and got same problem G92 Zxx is present and printer tries to print in thin air. Will have to restore to previous version. And there was me thinking an upgrade meant an improvement??
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