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    Thanks gr5. The info regarding increasing the heat bed temperature made a difference. But, now I having issues with the supports either not holding up, crumbling or falling out before the print is completed. Like the issue with the plate adhesion; the old ABS worked just fine with the Cura recommended settings. Should I open a new topic?
  2. DHof


    Can you elaborate on the squish bottom layer? All my prints to date have been using the recommended Cura settings. Thanks for the info regarding ABS temperature range. I'll check the heat bed setting and adjust if necessary.
  3. DHof


    Don't you hate spell checker! Sorry for the mistypos.
  4. DHof


    Thanks for the prompt response. I'm not doing anything different. All I did was load a new roll of ABS black. I'm printing the same part, and didn't touch any of the settings. In fact, it was only minutes between printing my last part and loading the new roll of ABS, and stated printing the same part again. I forgot to mention in my original post; I reloaded what I had left on the old roll and did a print of the part without issue. Reloaded the new stuff and the adhesion issue returned. I've printed a large number of parts over the years and never had to use adhesive, just clean glass. Almost allows I had to let the plate cool down before I could get the part off. But,I may need to start using glue as you suggest.
  5. I've been printing on my UM3 for some time without significant issues. And, have gone through numerous rolls of filament. I'm in the process of printing out several of the same object and ran out of black ABS filament, and had no issues. Now that I loaded a new roll of the same filament I began having plate adhesion issues. I cleaned the glass plate and still have issues. Can there be something going on with the new roll of ABS? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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