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  1. Currently I am trying to bake a Nylon filament with 180ªF for 7 hours. The problem is how to keep it dry outside the oven or the drier. Quite interesting options! I've seen the first 2, but the last one it's very practical, I am going to try the last one. To see how it works!
  2. Hello UM community! I am experimenting with nylon and I am having troubles with the humidity that it absorbs. In my job, we have a closed room with 18 3d printers (UM2+, UM3 Ext) that is around 4mx2mx2.5m. With closed enclosures for each 2 printers. What I want to do is to find a way to keep the room with low humidity percentage. I read that people has experienced that around 25% humidity is fairly good, my current humidity must be around 50%. I am researching for a dehumidifier that decreases the humidity of my 3d printing room lower than 30%, because we
  3. I was printing in ABS and I got the following issue: s This made the printer unable to retract and also unable to print. This just happened after I reduced my Fan speed from 80% to 25% (this due to I am printing in ABS, and as it cools down quickly it also shrinks), I made several tests on a Build Plate Adhesion Torture Test, and I finally got that: Regular fan speed: 25% Maximum fan speed: 50% Had the best results. Never faced this issue before How can I solve this issue without changing the fan speed? [values] bottom_layer
  4. It worked :D! The only downside is that I can only use these APIs through the Hotspot technique (the no security credentials needed), the other way is to do it with credentials through ssh connection, but this is less practical than the APIs. Anyway, so I am making progress here, but what I need to do is to change the materials profile, I used the GET /materials API to get the materials my UM3 currently has, and saved it to a MaterialsFile.xml, and made a minor change, from 223 to 224 from all the temperatures available, just to check if it works:
  5. Thank you for your reply gr5! I do change the printer filaments as the instructions say. The problem is for example, when I load TPU 95A material, the procedure is this: 1. Go to Material 1 > Load > TPU 95A. The print core heats up and after it is hot the material is loaded 2. UM3 says: "Confirm when the material is being extruded", and then I wait for that, but actually very little material is extruded, thus, the print core is not clean yet. 3. It "auto confirms" (sometimes) and the printer goes back as the material was correctly extruded but it actually still has some of the
  6. Hello community! This is my first post and I am facing to a problem I have been trying to solve for 2 days from now. I need to manage the materials profiles from Ultimaker 3 machines, because we are having a problem with the default print core temperature for some materials, they are not being heated enough and when we load the material it (most of the times) takes too long to finally extrude and also, the print core is being covered by the material, and not extrude anymore. That's why I need to raise a bit the print core default temperature for some material, like TPU
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