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  1. Gentlemen, Thanks to all of you for your input. I now understand why the dimensions changed on Cura as I rotated the part. The only thing I can't understand is why a couple of parts I printed on the diagonal came out smaller and were scaled down. It may have been an issue in my design and what got exported from Design Spark as an .stl. Again thank you all, and lately I have not been experiencing any similar issues with large parts printed on the diagonal.
  2. kman, If you check my previous posts, that is not the case. I described a simple rectangle that was slightly longer than 12". As I rotated the part to 45 deg. I could see the dimensions changing. I missed this the 1st couple of times, printed the part and sure enough it was shorter than designed. Maybe you have found the "magic" setting. This problem of auto-scaling was discussed in this forum for earlier versions of Cura, stated that it was corrected in subsequent versions and found to not be the case. I have not found anything regarding this issue on the current version---except mine.
  3. I have posted on this topic and when you rotate a long part that will only fit on the diagonal (and it does), Cura automatically scales the part without notification of scaling changes (all axes say 100%) but they are not. I have looked for a preferences selection to turn off auto-scaling and cannot find one
  4. gr thank you, I did as suggested and there is no setting to disable that 'feature'. I will keep asking and looking .At this time, not necessary, but may need it in the future.
  5. It turns out that I had not removed the skirt. Once done, the part fit. However it still doesn't seem right that if I had a part that was 13 x 3 x 2 that I could not print it. It would certainly fit on the diagonal. My friend has the same volume limits as mine but uses a different slicer (however, not free) and prints on the diagonal when needed to fit. Is there no way to disable the 'auto scaling' function in Cura when you rotate a part in the XY-plane??
  6. Hi gr5. Thank you. I will try these settings. And I '''think''' I understand your explanation of why re-sizing is happening. What is confusing in the display is that all 3 part dimensions are shown, and as I rotate my rectangular solid, I thought only the X dim was changing. But, now that I check again, I see both X & Y change. So again, thanks and I will try your suggested settings and report.
  7. Hi DK, Thanks for your response. I design using Design Spark Mechanical. I do design in inches, but when I export the design as an .stl, it is translated into mm for Cura. The actual long dimension (in Cura) was 297.6 mm (which was approx. 11.7 inches from my design). Cura would not slice my part. So, I centered it on the plate and rotated it 45 deg. The length changed to 228.4 mm. I then checked to see if scaling was changed and the menu said everything (with the new dimensions) was 100%. Cura does not seem to recognize my printer as capable of printing 12x12 and when trying to fi
  8. I have a Crealty CR-10 printer. I designed a large rectangular part the was 11.75" x 3" x1". When I loaded the .rsdoc file into Cura (3.2.1) and tried to slice, it said there were no parts that would fit the printer. It should have fit since I can print 12x12x13. So I rotated the part 45 deg. on the plate and it sliced. I printed the piece only to find out the hole spacing (inside the part) was correct, but the part had shrunk in length. I tried to load the .rsdoc file again, got the same result, centered the part (as before), noted the length, and then rotated 45 deg. After the rotation,
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