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  1. Hi everone can someone explane me why cura is scaling down my drawing?how can i avoid this. thx
  2. Hallo Deutsche Community. wo bestellt ihr euer PLA? preis sollte passen aber hauptsächlich das resultat! Qualität ist sehr wichtig. danke
  3. Ja hatte da selbe Problem! meine Glasplatte wurde gerade eben ausgetauscht. mfg
  4. hat schon wer versucht ne vase oder andere behälter zu drucken? was habt ihr feür eine Fülldichte verwendet? bzw habt ihr was anderes als stütze intern verwendet? danke
  5. They send it out today. will get it tomorrow and hopefully its fixed. thx again!
  6. SOLUTION! Thx to al of you! As i coudnt found a solution for the problems they took my Ultimaker back. The problem for the bad quality/problems was the glass table! it was curved , not totaly flat! thx again
  7. Habe das slebe problem! Der Drucker wurde gerade eben abgeholt und zurückgenommen. Sobald ich ne Antwort bekommen meld ich mich.
  8. Hi JakM, Thank you for staying with us. Could you share some photos with us showing your first layer? Perhaps your relevelling is still not hitting the sweet spot, so you did make another attempt but perhaps the execution did not have the solution yet. When I am unsure about my leveling, I usually test it by either use my finger or a tool like a screwdriver to gently wipe over the first layer and see if it moves. If it does it is still too low, if it is smooth and tightly stuck to the bed it should be good. The strange thing, its always the same file, but in diffrenet plac
  9. I have the same problem! I notet that somtimes when the nozzle moving from on part to the other scratch the material ant make this tiny loop. i tried to aument the z-hop, but it doesn't change.
  10. i hope i fixed it. dont know how to check! there is no fillement coming out around the nozzle . . . . .
  11. Tried everthing, cleande the glass with alcohol, Then put a layer of gluestick. No fan around . . . Dont know what I can try next. Tried to prind the same file with an ultimaker and its perfect. Im asking about the Z-hop, because the nozzle is always screching the fillement when changing the position.
  12. I`m using PLA with 15 top/bottom speed. 30 outside and 60 inside! First layer 20mm/s. what are you using for z-hop? which speed are you printing?
  13. tried everything! stil the same problem!
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