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  1. Back to the original post. Despite my material being labelled as "ABS" in materials, with a print temperature of 245 and all the correct settings for that filament, the system changes it to 200 degrees for no apparent reason. I don't use any material that prints at 200 so I'm at a loss where that comes from. So whereas the hierarchy may explain some behaviors this one remains a mystery, along with all the other settings that get scrambled once I create a new profile from current settings.
  2. Thanks, it makes sense what you say JCD. The way it's all structured leaves a lot of room for confusion, both of the user and of the system itself. What I have now seen, if I create a new profile from scratch (as opposed to saving my current settings as a new profile) and I then change the settings of this new profile then everything works fine again. I can then update the new profile without issues. The problem seems to arise, without fail, if I create a new profile using current settings.
  3. Ok maybe after trying multiple times to get an answer I will attract some attention now. I have spent a fortune on my UM3 only to be let down by Cura time and time again over the last 6 months. I can not believe that I'm the only one with this problem. Cura works fine until I "create profile from current settings". From that moment on Cura simply becomes unusable. Print settings change randomly and I can't update them - or rather I can change them but I can't save my settings. Also my print settings change randomly when I try to create a new profile. Nylon suddenly prints at 200 for no lo
  4. Strangely, when I made that configuration setting visible it was zero and the prime tower then changed to this: As the prime tower volume setting goes up, the black becomes more blue. At 2 it looks like this:
  5. My UM3 prime tower default position appears to be off the build area, so I decided to move it a bit closer to the middle. As soon as it became visible (in other words sliceable) I noticed this. What is it and how to I get rid of it? I'm on the latest Cura.
  6. I have a very basic question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere and it is really hampering my success with Cura. I have a UM3 and print with all sorts of 3rd party filaments in conjunction with Breakaway. I have very specific "custom" settings for each of these 3rd party filaments which work well. However I want to use the "recommended" settings for Breakaway but I can't see a way to use the recommended settings for extruder 2 (Breakaway) and at the same time the custom settings for extruder 1 (whatever material I use at the time). If I select Custom for one, it also becomes custom f
  7. I have asked this question before and received no answer. Maybe it only happens to me. I use Cura 3.3.1 and after I rename a profile it can't be updated any more. When I try to update the profile all my settings are lost in an instant and it even sometimes replaces my settings with what appears to be random settings. Quitting and restarting Cura doesn't help. Rebooting the computer doesn't help. The last update of Cura didn't help. Seems that, when a profile is "cursed" there's nothing you can do. It can't be updated and you have to delete it and create a new one from scratch. I can't yet put
  8. I may misunderstand how profiles work in the latest release of Cura, please help. I am trying to create a new profile but every time I select "Update profile with current setting" my changes are undone and it seems to revert to some sort of default. I actually lost many hours of printing and filament today because I assumed my profile changes are saved and then I started printing, only to find out after some time that my changes have indeed not been made and the profile has not been updated. So I thought maybe I misunderstand things and I should create a new profile if I want to save my latest
  9. Hi guys, I also need to know the initial settings for the UM3 in Ideamaker. Yousef (or anyone else) can you please help?
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