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  1. I can't be sure but I think that was set by default. I will try it unchecked and see if it works. Thanks
  2. For most of the day I have tried playing with the setting in Cura including the skirt and brim settings but the models I have tried to print seem well within the limits of the printer. The example of the cup above will print if it is offset on the plate but an earlier test with a small model which comes as a demo model (30mm x 30mm x 4mm) printed as expected at the centre of the build-plate. Both were printed from an SD card and were gcode files.
  3. Thanks so much for your quick reply. yes it appears to be happening just prior to the printing starting on the plate when the head is travelling to take up it initial printing position (normally at the centre of the build-plate. The limits for the printer, if I understand you correctly, are x= 223mm (across), y = 223mm (depth), z = 205mm (height). I have attached a snip of the 'machine settings' window below. I have also included an image of the problem. I have just tested that this moment. The placement of the model in Cura is illustrated
  4. Hello I was visited by this issue just today. It appears that on very small objects (e.g. a 30mm diameter ring) my UM2 printer will print normally. But with bigger items well within the bounds of the build-plate it will heat the nozzle and sometime move the build-plate into position before throwing "Error: Tried printing out of print area". I have done a good roam around and can't find anything that fixes the problem. I reinstalled Cura and updated the firmware but problem still persists. Just hoping anyone with expertise had any ideas on this? Seems like the coordinate system that
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