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  1. It was intended to be used for molds mostly. I'm playing with it all day, but I can only get a decent prints for bigger items. Not sure if I should money on the nozzles.. As you mention SLA it seems most of the people use DLP or SLA for jewelry.
  2. Hi, thanks for such a quick reply. I was recommended to UM3 and I made a purchase without further reading about SLA. Do you think it's not suitable for such items? What is recommended Z resolution with 0.25?
  3. I've been trying to print something similar to the picture but without any luck. I'm wondering if standard 0.4nozzle is enough? Or do I need to upgrade to to 0.25? I've seen aftermarket ones that has 0.1 or 0.15 nozzles, but the print cores for them are quite pricey, so I would really like to get some advices before making any purchase. I'm using UM3 with PLA filament. According the picture items are printed with 25 micron resolution.
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