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  1. hi and thanks for the answers. @gr5 Anyway if I set pla on ultimaker 2+ if i set nozzle of 0.8 on cura, the printer set 240°, instead if i set a nozzle of 0.4 for example the temp could be 210°? I've found custom setting and it's seems to me the only way to set a temp. But have to try with different nozzle. I've tried flavor gcode of Marlin but i've got some problems with prints quality, shell doesn't are good, so i did a step back to ultimaker gcode to understand. But this day seem noting works. Does firmware of 3.3.1 can afflict the printer? Thanks @ahoeben
  2. gr5 can you read my post? I'm not confideltly with gcode (eve if I know what they are). You seem an expert and we will have need help. Thanks.
  3. We have a problem with the ultimaker 2+. Why if We choose PLA or ABS in cura or in the printer, when We go to print, the temperature is always 240°? We saw that there ins't any start/stop gcode selecting from printer settings ultimaker 2. Do we have to set one? But if we set one for example setting 200° for pla in printer setting, that means if We will choose ABS the default temp will be 200°. Actually we can just change the temp after have started a print. Thanks in advance.
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