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  1. Oh wow thanks! this is the first time since 3.6 that I dont have to fiddle with the settings
  2. Yeah I think is better just to forget the plugin. Save as STL and in the "file / open" in Cura the latest STL saved in inventor is on the combobox list (so you can streamline the import step)
  3. On last 3 updates, 4.1 to 4.2... then 4.4... then 4.6 (I am trying to avoid to update lately) I have to work on the profiles for some reason. Is this normal? is this happening to everyone? I get some errors loading a profile, reset all profiles, fill the Wizard, copy some old backup back and in the configuration folder try to find the guilty files. Waste of 20-30 minutes per upgrade. I have not take notes of the errors because I was thinking "yeah this is probably a-one-time thing for just this version" but now I see cura saying: version 4.7 available and got a reminder of this sh*
  4. I went back to .stls since few months ago, plugin never worked in a reliable way after cura 3.4 or so
  5. I don't know but the plugin is not working as before :( now it takes a long time and sometimes it say for bigger files = invalid file. Is ultimaker breaking the plugin system?
  6. Yay! The last version that you uploaded 10 mins ago to: https://thopiekar.eu:46380//sharing/mEcHF2wHz works perfectly! thanks!
  7. OK, search for new.ipt in the log cura.log
  8. The plugin is running/loading, I get the same option as you, but it does not open the files. Try with any inventor file, they all fail to load.
  9. Same error here. Inventor 2018 installed, not working with inventor 2017/2018 files.
  10. Thanks, but it gives the same error as before. This is the log: 2018-10-07 22:30:36,867 - WARNING - [MainThread] cura.PrintInformation.setBaseName [369]: Unsupported Mime Type Database file extension new.ipt
  11. Ok, thanks! BTW the github repo seems to be quite outdated, and your gitlab installation is not properly configured so it is impossible to send pull requests, so it does not seems very easy to contribute. As far as I saw, the error is something with the mime type but didn't explored beyond that, 3.4 is good enough for now :)
  12. 3.5 broke my favorite plugin ? I will have to get back to 3.4
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