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  1. Thank you, and glad you like them! ? After the contest application got closed, I did prints of them, I don't have them with me at the moment, but I will share them as soon as possible! And congratz @kmanstudios for first place again! ☺️
  2. I’m always open for feedback and your feedback made me happy, thank you! I wanted to keep bases within the dimensions of silhouettes as much as I can. Yeah, someone can scale these bases as they will, that’s why I put Rhinoceros file too! It’s always open for improvements, feedbacks and more! :)
  3. Hey Everyone! I'm glad I had time to participate in an entourage contest again, and here is my submission! I designed these people with references from Skalgubbar, Cutout People by Taodor Javanud Emden There are 14 people, with various types, ages and poses. The main goal here is to being able to maintain the quality of the architectural model, and give a feeling like it is alive - Just in like Sims games; at least this is what I had in my mind while creating these!- There are two variations of every human silhouette: With Base and Without Base. It's completely up to you to use the one you prefer. Ones with base are just for to have a simpler attachability to model surface. Important : Some models may be unable to printed at 1:100 scale with 0.4mm nozzle, due to thickness of some parts on models. However, It'll be no problem for 1:50 scale. I'd suggest to print all of them with 0.25 nozzle, for better results. I hope you all will enjoy them, and best luck for all participants! If there are any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me! People Entourage Set.zip
  4. Thank you, and hopefully you'll enjoy them! I'd love to see some photos of them in use ?
  5. Hey Everyone! I just signed up to community forum, and this is my submission! I designed 6 different railway vehicles with various technical drawings that I've found on internet. Each one is based on a specific railway vehicle. There are: Paris, France Siemens Avanto Portland, USA -If I'm not mistaken- Skoda Astra Double Ended Kuala Lumpur Putra, Malesia Bombardier Advanced Rapid Transit Marseille, France Bombardier Flexity Outlook New York City, USA Bombardier Former IRT Lines Toronto, USA Bombardier To give a proper credit, whole Info is taken from: GeoCities Zip File Includes: Each Vehicle in Separate Folders In each folder: Vehicle's .3DM file (Rhinoceros 5) Vehicle's .stl files as VehicleName_Whole and Vehiclename_PartX (X is Part Number) Vehicle Renderings as example; Laid on side, Exploded and Whole Reference .JPEG file My aim on these designs was to simplify each design as much as possible and make them all clearly different at the same time. There were few rules that I had whilst drawing such as all windows and door must be voids. Also, some of them require a drop of glue to assemble, whilst some are assemblable without glue. If you have a printer with large printbed, you can also print it as a whole! I hope you all will enjoy them, and best luck for all participants! If there are any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me! Railway_Entourage_Set.zip
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