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  1. @ShopGeezer - you read my mind with that question - I gave up- I am using the 3.3.1 cura that I had installed on an older pc that I use on vacations 😁
  2. How can network be a problem since i have been using it at home over wifi ever since I got the Ultimaker 3 which was more than two years ago and never had a problem? To be honest Cura started crashing on me since last week and it is really a buzz kill for my printing deadlines. I have to look into that cura log file and how to submit it but I doubt this is network related and I am getting the same random crash sequences. @SandervG can you help us get in contact with the right person??
  3. Hello community, After the success of last year, also in part to your support (πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡here is the post from last yearπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡) we gave the start to the HALO Pavilion and have it ready for assembly on the following date: March 14-15, 2020 // Helsingborg, Sweden The greatest 3D-printing event in the Nordics The Halo Pavilion The goal is to build a fully modular structure produced entirely on modern desktop 3D-printers. With the help from the 3D community in Sweden and around the world we aim to complete this project and assemble it throughout the fir
  4. i am having a similar issue and getting slightly annoyed - since when are prime towers a default?again??(I have the right print-core combination ) but can't seem to get rid of the rower....
  5. @BiMNrd Yes and no, you will already have a like brim created by the base of the PVA - you use the pla skirt to extrude some material before the pla print starts, so you can check if it extrudes correctly and to clean the core of pla residue - hope this makes sense.
  6. For a safe bet 1.2 top bottom layer and wall thickness- min 5% infill and i use a skirt not a brim
  7. @BiMNrd i usually use ultimaker pla but I have tried tough to print some sockets wall mounts in tough - i would recommend tough for such things.
  8. @BiMNrd hello, thanks for reaching out. I think @SandervG can give you input on those settings I have my um calibrate for 0.2 layer height in general just to avoid certain issues. As for matte a trick I use is use matte spray after but if you want to go for the kill there are also other materials, non ultimaker brands that offer white matte specifically for architecture models - however they are a trick to print it more than often. The white spray is your fastest alternative. If possible also a little bit of sanding never hurt nobody. Hope this helps.
  9. @yttrium you are not the first/only one expecting this from Autodesk - I can say that this is the main reason this blog is here, that so much time has passed and no one click solution was provided. I started printing about 4 years ago and at that time Revit was still my no. 1 software to go to - I soon changed to Rhino and became more confident in using that software and all it’s visual programing plug-ins to handle massive amount of revit data in regards to 3D printing β€” the results are that working with revit is time consuming in regards to 3d printing and it will be a never ending story unt
  10. @Smithy I am kinda taking my time updating the post - however work in progress like everything else in my life right now. This is a perma-link but I will finish it under the following days -- I hope!! please feel free to add and comment if you want any other extra info https://www.dineadesign.com/2019/04/29/the-equilibrium-pavilion/ Here are some random photos that are also on my blog post for everyone who does't feel like reading. We turned it into a guest book on Sunday - thought it would be cool. after life of the pavilio
  11. Your parts did fit like a glove - i think you had one of the top quality prints πŸ˜€ however I will come back with a full story soon - it was an experience I can say that much - still today left to hang out
  12. @Smithy we are going to do a timelaps which is awesome also if you have instagram i will post live updates on my main account @dineadesign πŸ™ƒ
  13. @Smithy - I am already in Helsingborg - just had my dinner - going for a stroll and then off to the venue to leave my parts there πŸ™‚ and see how things are going to kick off for tomorrow - will take lots of photos and come back with a remark post about it.The most important thing is that it was 100% crowd funder and finished ahead of time - now come what may πŸ™‚
  14. The benchy is one item not a multiple of models that need to be indexed with a logical code - this might consume a lot of time - make sure it is worth it first. Hope this helps.
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