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  1. Hello All. The Ultimaker 3 specs page lists 20 microns (0.02mm) as the least possible layer height with the 0.4mm nozzle (https://ultimaker.com/en/products/ultimaker-3/specifications). However, Cura (3.6.0) lists 0.06mm as the least possible layer height (i.e. the "Extra Fine" setting). This is what shows with the default Ultimaker 3 Extended profile with a AA 0.4 print core. What is the reason for this discrepancy? Is it possible to print at 20 microns with the UE3? How? Is it as simple as entering "0.02" in the custom field? And why does Cura not show this as an option? Thanks!
  2. Hello All. We were recently printing MatteraHackers PLA on an Ultimaker 3 Extended with Cura's recommended "Extra-Fine" setting. The first layer looked as expected, but the print core began to slowly under-extrude, and eventually no material was coming out of the nozzle. The support PVA was being printed without issues. I later found some of the PLA filament appeared to be "swollen" high in the print core, preventing it from being pushed through. I swapped the print core for another AA 0.4 core we had around and the print finished successfully. Clearly there was a problem with the old core. Was it some how "back-heating" onto the filament, causing it to swell and get stuck? This was a print core that we have been using often for about a year. Do the print cores wear out and need replacing? I don't see any recommendations, by Ultimaker, for replacing print cores as part of regular maintenance. Thanks for any tips you can give.
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