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  1. Thank you for the advice. I got the printer to recognize the cores from moving around the pcb as well as the boards on the printcores themselves. Hopefully the connection lasts.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I unplugged the main cable and plugged it back in, trying to make sure it stayed together as I screwed the top back on and that didn't seem to change anything. However, I discovered that when I push the printcore back manually with my fingers, it recognizes that there is a printcore in there. I'm assuming somehow the pcb is pushed back to far since it's unlikely that both printcores are just not going back far enough. The pcb seems to be mounted in the correct place. The pegs are in the holes on the board, and the tab at the bottom of the board
  3. My printer was working fine yesterday. The BB core got jammed, so I took it out, cleaned it up, and was going to put it back in, when I noticed that the spring that pushes the printcore down had sprung out of place. So, I took the entire print head off of the rails and disassembled it so I could get the spring back into place. I also took out the AA core at this time to clean it up. I put it all back together again, and there seemed to be no problems until I tried to load the printcores back into place. Right now, for both printcores, the screen on the printer says "empty slot", which it shoul
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