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  1. Thanks a lot everyone - greatly appreciated.
  2. Ahoeben, thanks very much indeed for the help. Now have a machine which appears to be alive again at least. Avedude (actually I used AvrDudess in “Wiring” interface mode) seemed to try to program the 2560 but kept timing out. What worked was to download the Arduino source sketch from your link (I actually removed the last “Extended” from that path and found what I’m presuming is the source for the “standard” (not extended) machine, I hope that was an OK version to use) into Arduino IDE v1.8.7, selected the 2560 board type and then compile/verify in the IDE followed by upload. After a while the printer rebooted and came back to life (many thanks). I have to confess I didn’t make the modification to the TWI_vect interrupt routine (mentioned in the github download “To build with the Arduino IDE”) as my next step was to start Cura (v3.4.1) with the printer’s USB cable still in the PC and get Cura to do a firmware update - I’m hoping this latter step would reflash with a 100% correct image (including the I2C driver change - I’d be grateful if you could confirm this is the case. i now need to check if everything is OK again. If later versions of Cura could “rescue” a semi-bricked printer such as mine I think other users would be saved a lot of pain - just an idea. Thanks again & all the best - Dangermouse
  3. Thanks for the help everyone. Ahoeben, do I still use the -extended model filed even though this is the smaller (non-extended) UltiMaker 2+? Thanks.
  4. Hi Ahoeben, Thanks for your post. I do indeed see an Arduino Mega 2560 com port so, as you suggest, the bootloader is still in there. I would hope (especially as the machine is still under warranty) that UltiMaker would send me a suitable firmware tool to rewrite the UltiMaker firmware. I'm an electronics engineer and familiar with Arduino and other MCU manufacturers' tools so would prefer to restore the correct (UltiMaker) image. For some reason Cura is still saying the printer is not connected so it clearly expects to see understandable responses from the printer firmware. As you suggest, I need the correct UltiMaker firmware file to transfer using Arduino tools on the PC ... UltiMaker - over to you I think ... Thanks and best regards - Paul.
  5. I can confirm I had exactly the same issue - upgrading an UltiMaker 2+ firmware using Cure 3.4.1. Cura displayed an error message shortly after starting the firmware upgrade and now the printer is totally dead - is doesn't switch on at all. I'm guessing that the bootloader isn't as robust as is believed - how can the image be re-programmed into a machine which now doesn't appear alive at all? Please help.
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