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  1. Thanks for your answer. This sounds plausible, although I didn't expect, that it would almost double the printing duration. I'll make a test with long straight lines, where the acceleration shouldn't have that much influence and check, if the speed of the printhead will be the same.
  2. In Cura 4.1 I prepared the same items for printing with the UM 2+ and the UM3. I made the same preferences (layers, speeds, shells, etc.), but for the UM2+ I get a printing time of 100 min and for the UM3 it's 170 min. And while printing, the UM3 is visibly slower. Does anyone else have this problem or an idea how to fix this?
  3. I'm not looking for "the lowest cost". I just find it a bit strange, that UM doesn't sell nozzles just because few people might break a part changing it. It is in my opinion an unnecessary expensive and waste-producing behaviour.
  4. Ok, wow. I didn't imagine that no one at UM at least spent a thought, that probably 110,- € for a new nozzle could seem a bit expensive.
  5. Why not? I could easily disassemble the nozzle. Thanks. I'll have a look at those.
  6. There my be many reasons that can lead to this problem. Did you use the right temperature and print-core for the material?
  7. Hallo UM-community, at our university we are currently using the UM3. Somehow some students managed to clog the BB 0.4 nozzle quite heavily. With some effort I managed to unclog the nozzle, but for some time, we were unable to use the printer. To reduce these off-times, I wanted to buy some nozzles, so we just need to change them in case of urgent need. But this is somehow a bigger problem than I imagined, because it is not possible to buy nozzles from UM for the UM3. The only way is to buy a whole new print-core for over 110,- €. The offered nozzles for the UM2 are not compatible
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