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  1. Hi @Adam324, this has finally been solved by @smartavionics : Thanks! Thanks, I imported that profile. When I slice your model I get this which doesn't have any explicit lines between the ends of the infill but it is doing non-retract moves (dark blue) so you are probably getting stringing: If you disable the combing you will get retraction with the moves (light blue lines) and so should not get stringing between the ends of the infill lines: Hope this helps!
  2. @smartavionics IS A GENIUS ! Thanks a lot !!! Problem solved !!!
  3. Wow, that's smart! Let me check that out and I'll be back to you. ...and yes, that's Save as in File menu in the menu bar on Cura 3.4.1 ....
  4. In what file format? When I go to File - Save as... I can save it in several formats being .3mf the first one. gcode? ...sorry about that... ;D
  5. A .3mf file will work? Here it is! infill-only-settings.3mf
  6. Ok, so far it looks like infill is trying to connect to the "non existing" wall when using Triangles, Grids or lines... ...with "connect infill lines" unchecked. I must be missing a setting... :S
  7. Thanks! "Connect infill lines" is already unchecked. I'll try different infill patterns and see how it works.
  8. Hi! I'm trying to make an infill-only object. I set Wall thickness & Top/Bottom Thickness to 0 but.... Cura Infill seems to generate some kind of "closing gaps" or will be closing pointing infill lines as shown in the exemple pic Any ideas how to avoid those extra infill lines that actually don't show up in Cura but appear when printing? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm also interested in a infill-only print. Setting the wall line count and the others to 0 kind of does it but not really. The infill close to the perimeter it's a lot more complex/different than the object's inside infill. I'd like an homogeneous infill-only object... Any help welcome!
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