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  1. I'll tell you a secret, the car in this case is not necessary. For those actions in which I asked for help. Not at all, not at all. This is done differently, this software. This is a software problem, and it is quite widespread, it is a software defect and not a mechanical problem.
  2. All information is given, questions are asked if you can't competently answer the questions posed, these are your especially personal problems! It's thrash. The second page and none of you even asked logs. Fired would nafig, you do not professionals. I crawl under the table laughing.
  3. Ahahaha, do you consider yourself as cool, you should send an experienced development? Look for fools further!) OK, enough lyrics, I've done a print of screenshots, I will use them in a healthy competition, when I say that it is better not to communicate with this software product and equipment (although it may be good but the service). Right there were people that discouraged me and said don't try... )))
  4. The thing is, I normally asked for help, but what did I get in return? The flow of nonsense from narrow-minded and stupid some individuals. My question and depend on the stage of the issue, any advice on how and what to dig. If you think that I feel at least one emotion, you are mistaken. I wanted to compare the software to another one so publicly available but came across streams of stupidity. And I'm just the results will decide to recommend this software or not, most likely not. That's what I'm talking about and initially, succinctly explained Everything! If you take it and read it you will get answers.
  5. Once again, especially for you! You either read what you write, you then fly in the clouds in your thoughts. You write such nonsense that I do not even know what to say and what to advise you and where to go. What a buy, a cheap printer? Are you reading what I'm writing or trying to rant like a Papuan? What a cheap company what cheap printers. I have mechanics is worth more expensive than a host Ultimaker in the cost of production, you know his the cost of production? I roughly know. And the rest of the price is a salary, bonuses in the pocket of the authorities and small investments in development. It's just because in school, unlike you, studied well, you can't even read what you wrote an opponent.
  6. Hallelujah, come on, you're finally getting it! And now read once again my comments and can see about ports and speeds? About the control Board and kinematics!)
  7. Here I am. It is not a problem of my equipment, it is a problem of software which tries to do it is not clear what and it is not clear why!
  8. I'm not yelling, it's just accentuation. Well, just so you know, if you can't read. help you. Above is written about the port and about the kinematics and about the control Board.
  9. xm... Haha, not guessed it, you have that chair is ablaze? All stated, but you probably do not read well! This is not my program breaks at an incomprehensible speed in port 14! Then mixed with the steel, but the term is still appropriate. Provide equipment and someday we will do something, yeah with the use of my developments in your equipment ... found a fool!) We know how technology and ideas are stolen. Once again, other software products work, only this product does not work, other software manufacturers also did not provide anything even to the developers of Marlin. This is just their work, for which they are paid money and they can not do it normally so that you can easily add a custom printer that can be added to the functionality, we would have long been such poachers fired!
  10. xm... Profile of what? CURA? I thought it was a few other developers from another country, or you want to say that the little Chinese children are also working on it? OK, What do you know about STEEL production? Well, this is a question because it is visible TO all software developers for 3D who may add a custom printer, do something wrong because the assembled printer immediately begins to work with this software (we now do not take the software component that is sharpened specifically for one manufacturer). HOW SO, explain, AS well, in the firmware indicate the connection speed is 250000 and Your program breaking to communicate at 115200, 115200 indicate if YOUR program is breaking on 250000 at one and the same 14 port? You're making me laugh!) It's not someone's words about adding a custom printer, it's the words Ultimaker!
  11. xm... What? You could have drawings of developments to make and to put you in the authors (in Chinese saying that they have driven the development of steal, and then out as the equipment you give them)? Odd that now I take the doubt about your open source! All programs known to me WORK with Arduino DUO default out of the box! It's not me stated that this is particularly an open source project, You say it is. I can send you the firmware, it is no different from other compiled on Arduino for Cartesian, h-BOT, CoreXY (so the second time I do not get up support for all these 3, only the bearing swap).
  12. Here, this is more of a business conversation! What kind of data are you interested in?
  13. I did not expect such a stupidity... make it possible to add a custom printer but do not give the opportunity to connect to it, although what else can you expect from!)))
  14. Good day! I have been trying to try your software several times already. Tried 3.4.1 does not connect, 3.5.1 does not connect. I connect ANY other software on USB and everything works. Tell me what to do with it and HOW to live? Really want to experience the vaunted software, but what's the problem with ? I have no other way to connect a 3D printer except to connect a USB, I do not have a SD card. Custom printer with Arduino DUO (Chinese DUO).
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