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  1. 19 hours ago, ahoeben said:

    A .ufp file is "just a zip". You can open it in a zip program (eg 7zip), extract the actual gcode file to edit it, and put the edited file back in the .ufp file.

    Thanks so much, i had no idea it was a zip file!


    i opened with 7zip and compared the gcode....

    is anybody able to say which lines of code it is that i should be adding?



    screenshot betow for clarity..


    Thanks in advance



  2. Hello everybody. 


    im having trouble printing a model that has always printed sucessfilly previously, but im using a new material and the for some reason its missing some of the lettering at the very beginning. My suspission is that its not primed properly.


    is there a way to as a prime blob to the .ufp file to ensure it is primed?


    recreating the program in cura is not an option as it took me a long time to get the settings right and i lost the cura file.


    any help is apreciated.



  3. To my eye, the video shows a standard S5 printer in the first half, then a s5 ontop some kind of base/tank in the 2nd half.... so its unlikley to be a resin printer. 


    the 2nd image also shows an enclosure on the top, so i deduce that this must be a necessary add-on for what is coming?




  4. 12 hours ago, cloakfiend said:

    Im in Barcelona at the moment checkin out Gaudis style. Did a few scans we'll see how good they come out when I get back!. Also finally started to paint my nakedish lady. Will post pics soon. Doing some concrete molds as well looking good. Shame I have a job to do.... just not enough hours in the day! 


    Keep it up k-man always an inspiration!!


    What do you use to 3d scan?

  5. 2 hours ago, fergazz said:

    thank you @LePaul and @ScanHD... this matte looks great to my eyes... I will probably buy one of those. I'm really in doubth cause I buy filaments from U.S or Europe once a year because I cannot find those in my country. 


    I'm quite impressed with the colors of this Spider Maker filament as well.... the first review listed show some great prints:


    but looks like it have just 1.75mm filament avaiable... at least in this add 😕

    maybe I can buy it for my CR-10S Pro



    Colorfabb is straight foward... garantee quality. Sometimes we need a consistence stuff... but nowadays I realize that other manufectures are improving tolerance, adhesion and making awesome colors as well.


    I'm also looking for Atomic filaments, Paramount and Solutech and probably will test one of those for non-matte options. 


    Ok @Smithy... I will let you know about my choices and tests 🙂


    See you all buddies... cheers!

    Where are you? I get 1kg of matte forge posted for £30.

    It don't get much cheaper 

  6. Hello everybody, im reaching out for some advice on how to improve the quality of this print as it has me stumped.


    The part is a piece of plastic trim i reverse engineered from the original part and will be used on a show car so must really look great.


    With that in mind, i printed the part in a specific orientation, and moved the z-seam top always the back (unseen) side of the part. see below


    Ultimaker S5

    Cure 4.1

    retraction is on.

    0.2 layer height




    support is printed in TPLA with Brakeaway roof/floor

















  7. After I had my WiFi card replaced at the reseller, I was able to update to the latest firmware successfully. 

    So far so good. Although I've only done a few basic prints. 

    And I can turn the frame light off!!! At last 🙂

  8. 1 hour ago, nallath said:

    Because I'm not a firmware engineer. So yeah, I reply to things I know something about. Which in this case was scanning & sensors. Or would you rather have me not reply at all or give you false / incorrect information? If you want a nice white lie, I'm more than happy to give it, but I assumed that this is not what you guys want / need.


    you work for ultimaker?....


    I find it hard to understand how you can be so facetious and sarcastic to your customers. Customers who you "as a company" have already alienated.





  9. 4 hours ago, Trueblondegod said:


    Like many other people on here I'm really disappointed. I would expect this from a cheap Chinese manufacture but not from UM. I feel like I've fallen for the marketing (as per usual). Really not impressed and wont be recommending forward.



    Well said. Shame on you Ultimaker!!! 

    Your leaving us all hang out to dry 😞

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