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  1. When you don't print too much spools nothing happens, but if you plan to print it more often, then you should think about an upgrade to the Bondtech feeders. They have hardened gears.
  2. That's true, but there are also a lot of other brands which works fine too. I have good experiences with colorFabb, Filamentum, Innofil 3D. Be careful, carbon fiber filament is abrasive and will destroy your nozzle and feeder gears!
  3. The official website has good instructions: https://octoprint.org/download/
  4. I don't think you have to dry the spool, PLA is not very sensitive to humidity. Check your PTFE coupler, when the part is worn out, it presses on the filament and you normally see underextrusion. But I can well imagine that the retract won't work that well anymore. I don't know the eSun filament, but if it is a good quality filament, I see no reason to buy UM material. You can use any manufacturer. So even in your old company it wouldn't have been necessary to buy UM material because of the warranty.
  5. It is an old thread, but it happens to me too. Printed UM ABS with 3DLac and chipped on side of the glass. Today I printed again UM ABS with Magigoo instead of 3DLac and now chipped the other side. So next time I will print with the adhesion sheets to protect my glass.
  6. It would also bother me, but you can also turn off the LEDs so that they only light up when you're printing. Then it might be more bearable.
  7. Good idea, with an additional VPN server you could build your own Cura Connect and have much more functionality from the start as the official one 🙂
  8. Thanks for the update and I am happy that it worked for you. You will see from time to time it can happen again that everything is working except the video stream. Then just do a Cura Connect reset again.
  9. And just choose and print on of those hundreds generic spool holder on Thingiverse and place the spool beside the printer or on the floor.
  10. I can highly recommend ColorFabb filament and they offer spools up to 8kg, which should be enough I think 🙂 But depends on the material you use, I only checked the PLA, but I think they sell also the other materials in bigger spools.
  11. I have no experience with the Prusa MMU, but it should not work very reliable what I have heard. Personally I don't think there will come such an add-on from Ultimaker. For really big prints with the need of a lot of material, just use a bigger spool, which should be enough. I print big objects on my S5 and rely on the filament sensor. Works great. I just had such a big print yesterday. The printer ran out of filament in the night and today in the morning I changed the spool and continued the print.
  12. You can only try it, I have never seen this message in Fusion.
  13. Not really, we have the same Fusion version. And that's all from the 3D print screen:
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