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  1. Ultimaker printers are made for 2.85mm filament, so out of the box and without replacing some parts it is not possible to print with 1.75mm filament. It is not only the feeder, which could work if set a high tension, but also the Bowden tube and the hot end itself is too big for 1.75. The problem can be, that hot melted material climbs up in the hot end and blocks and clogs there everything. It can work if you have luck, but as you see you have a lot of problems. So buy the filament you need 2.85 and you should be fine.
  2. It is or should be easy, just go to the printer setup in Cura, change gcode flavor to Marlin and that's it. I use Marlin on my UM2+ and UM2Go without any problems. In fact ultigcode and marlin is nearly the same, the only difference is that with Marlin you can choose the material and temp in Cura.
  3. There is a tube Magnalube (green) and a bottle Unilube. The Unilube oil is for the x/y/z rods, don't use Magnalube there! The Magnalube is for the Z-screw only!
  4. Check also if your middle fan in the print head is working, it starts automatically when the print core is heating up.
  5. Das DMG von Cura 4.7.1 ist im APFS Format und El Capitan unterstützt noch kein APFS. Ich hab erst vor ein paar Tagen mehr dazu in einem Thread geschrieben, dort findest du auch einen Downloadlink auf die Cura App im ZIP Format.
  6. 🙂 - let's better say it was a mix of a lot of options in Cura with difficult requirements. Thanks for the feedback, and happy that it is now working for you!
  7. Ok, but try also to print with the right core, just to see if there is a difference. And one more idea, do you use a default profile in Cura? If not try it with a default profile again.
  8. Personally I do everything in fusion 360 which is probably a bit oversized but you can use mesh mixer or blender.
  9. It makes no difference if you have a spool on the back on the holder or not if you print from an external spool holder. The NFC reader is only used during loading to detect the correct spool. After loading the NFC reader is not used anymore. The message that one material is empty comes from the filament sensor in the feeder. When you print with both cores, the message is the same, so you have to check which nozzle was currently printing, then you know which of the two feeders has notified the filament error. The filament sensor UM is using, is quite good, not much false alerts, but it can happen. Specially when you print with PVA or transparent or semi-transparent materials and could also be the case with TPU. The sensor is not just a switch as you have it in other printers, the sensor detects also if the filaments moves or not. So in case of TPU which is flexible, it can happen that the sensor detects that the filament is not moving or not moving enough and you get that error. So best solution is, to disable the sensor when printing TPU, but enable it again when printing with other materials.
  10. Search the internet if you find some advices why you are not able to mount a APFS DMG volume. The Cura DMG is fine, it is something on your MacOS which prevents you from mounting APFS volumes. Most DMG installation volumes are in HFS format (the older one) thats maybe the reason why it happened not before.
  11. When you use the tinkerGnome FW for the UM2Go then not and everything fits well.
  12. Die Riemen sind nicht sonderlich stark gespannt, man kann locker mit einem Finger den Riemen nach unten drücken bis zum unteren Teil davon. Wenn der Riemen zu stark gespannt ist, wird er mehr beansprucht und Abrieb ist sicher garantiert.
  13. Es sind auch die Riemen nicht original, da soweit ich das im Kopf habe, die UM Riemen durchgängig sind und eine Enden haben. Aber wie auch immer, versuche trotzdem die Vorgehensweise in dem Link von oben. Ich glaube dein Riemen passt schon, der ist nicht überall locker, sondern nur unten. D.h. das eine Rädchen locker machen und dann wieder festziehen.
  14. Hmm, slowly I am getting out of more ideas......
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