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  1. Very cool, I was always looking for such a solution because it gives a nice surface finish.
  2. I depends on your needs, if you really need parts filled with glass fibre or carbon. Such materials can be really good for specific needs, but for "normal" usage I would say it is not worth the effort. Keep also in mind that printing with such materials is more complicated than with other ones. (bed adhesion, layer bonding, warping) You have to buy two extruders, because you have to adjust the steps for the new extruder and the UM3 has only one step value, valid for both extruders. Then you need the CC core, which if officially not supported on the UM3 or you buy the 3DSolex hard
  3. Have you already tried to disable the developer mode and enabled it again?
  4. Also wenn du nicht vor hast mit einer 1mm Düse mit 0.6 Layerhöhe und rasender Geschwindigkeit zu drucken, bringt dir der 50W Heizer wahrscheinlich mehr Probleme als er bringt. Die paar Sekunden schnellere Aufheizzeit sind zum vernachlässigen und wenn die Düse dann auf Temperatur ist, dann ist es völlig egal ob 35W oder 50W. Die Schwankungen werden aber sicher mehr werden.
  5. An upgrade kit only makes sense if it is attractively priced and can be converted with reasonable effort. This is not the case with the UM2C because a lot has changed, and an upgrade kit would be much too expensive. Maybe it is just confusing that the printer is called UM2+ Connect. If it had a different name, then perhaps the displeasure would not be so great. Because nobody would think of upgrading a UM2+ to an S5 with an upgrade kit. And I think you won't be able to upgrade endlessly with other manufacturers either. At some point, the point has come where it just doe
  6. Ich mache eigentlich alles in Fusion360, aber es sollte auch mit jedem anderen gehen. Blender oder Meshlab, etc. Eventuell suche auf YouTube nach cut mesh body denn die Lernkurven sind in den Programmen am Anfang schon recht hoch.
  7. Du müsstest dein Objekt auf dieser Höhe teilen, dann kannst du unterschiedliche Extruder zuordnen.
  8. Das musst bei dir schon wie beim Bundesheer sein, STG-77 zerlegen und zusammenbauen. Das geht sicher schon mit verbundenen Augen 🙂
  9. Smithy

    Ultimaker S5

    Ich vermute weil z.B. beim Breakaway gerne ein paar Überbleibsel am Bauteil bleiben, die dann händisch bearbeitet werden müssen und teilweise gar nicht mehr weg gehen.
  10. I would say, fans, Bowden tube and sliding blocks.
  11. I really don't know but I'm pretty sure that the S3 will also get an Air Manager in the foreseeable future. It simply makes sense to have it on the S-Line printers, because the S-Line printers are mainly used to print materials that require a stable environment.
  12. Tried some things, like gave Cura more permission in the security settings of MacOS, but not successful. Mark wrote on Github, that we should try to deinstall the 3DConnexion driver to see if it helps, but haven't tried it yet. There is also an issue on Github already, so maybe @BPerry2020 can also share the infos there: https://github.com/smartavionics/RawMouse/issues/9
  13. It seems that the RawMouse plugin has no permissions to open the USB device: ERROR - [RawMouse] RawMouse.RawMouse._run_hid [243]: Exception while reading HID events: open failed
  14. Damn, you are right, it is not working anymore in Cura. I just tested it in Fusion after the upgrade and haven't looked further.
  15. There is a beta driver from 3DConnexion for Big Sur, maybe that helps. I upgraded to Big Sur last weekend, installed the beta driver but haven't tried if raw mouse is still working - I can check it later.
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