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  1. Smithy

    Layer View Stoping

    OK, that's new to me, I thought it only sticks better as long as the bed is heated, to keep the plastic near its glass temperature.
  2. Smithy

    Layer View Stoping

    But it makes no sense to do that. If you don't want a heated bed with PLA, then you also don't want it for the first layer. I don't think the first layer will stick better to the glass if heated and then cooled down again. So in my opinion there is no difference between no heating at all or heating only for the first layer. But anyway, if it was working with 3.4.1. then there is another bug in 3.5.
  3. Smithy

    Ultimaker 3 Octolapse-Style Timelapse

    I would try to give it a range of about 10 steps (maybe more ?), then the user who is using the script don't have to check his exact position and have to modify the values in the script - it will always work (hopefully, was just an idea 🙂)
  4. Smithy

    Material > Durchmesser (CURA 3.5)

    You find the setting in the machine configuration in the extruder tab.
  5. Smithy

    Ultimaker 3 Octolapse-Style Timelapse

    @starbuck You could improve the script and check if x and y is within a range to compensate small differences. But be careful you also need to manage that you already took a photo for this layer, because when using a range, your script will fire more than once. I would check also the z position and if you already shoot a photo for this z layer, then don't trigger again.
  6. Thats a very good idea and I will do something similar to it. My problem is, that Cura Connect is a little bit buggy and hangs after a few print jobs. (only a "Reset Cura Connect" helps) And without Cura Connect you are not able to abort a print in case of "emergency".
  7. Smithy

    UM 2 Go clicking

    Great! 🙂 Happy printing....
  8. I do not recommend to do just a port forwarding, it is highly insecure and your printer is open for the world, therefore everyone could play with the API and watch your printer printing. Ok for API PUT requests you need additional authentication, but in my opinion it is not worth the risk that there is maybe a unknown bug/hole in your UM. Most consumer router can do VPN out of the box with minimal configuration and it is safer without the risk to invite all the script kiddies all over the world.
  9. Smithy

    UM 2 Go clicking

    I have sometimes the same problem, but immediately after putting the filament into the feeder. So my issue is that the feeder is maybe dirty and cannot grab and transport the filament forward into the Bowden tube. Your issue is nearly the same, the click sound comes from the feeder, trying to transport the filament forward but it cannot and the filament pushes back a little bit. You will also see that the filament is grinded when you unload it. But you say, it will be forwarded through the Bowden tube to the nozzle. So then check if your Bowden tube is correctly mounted in the print head and check if your PTFE couple (the white thing with he spring) is deformed or looking bad. Maybe the filament pushes against this part and cannot be transported fully to the nozzle.
  10. I think 250° is too hot, because default UM TPU prints at 225°, so the bad surface could also be extrem stringing - on this photo I cannot see if the surface should be like this or should be a smooth. And you should print TPU very slow to get good results.
  11. Smithy

    UM3 material override required every time

    Use the generic ABS profile in Cura and you are fine. If you choose the UM ABS Orange profile in Cura, the printer wants an ABS orange spool too, but for whatever reason it cannot detect it. So maybe your NFC is not working or the spool you have, has no NFC chip. Third option, NFC is working, spool has NFC chip but will also not detected because the serial number is not correctly added to the firmware. I have a black NFC UM spool which is not detected. As a general rule, if you have to select the material on the printer manually, use the generic profiles Cura. If your material is autodetected by the printer, then use the UM profiles. There is no difference between generic profiles and UM profiles, so don't worry.
  12. Smithy

    Some layers have an offset. Why?

    Depending on the model (holes, etc.) it is more less visible in every model and on every printer. I made some tests with my 2 printers with different models and also a friend of mine have similar issues on his Anet A8. Most of these issues are only visible and a few of them you can feel with the finger. In the meantime, I think it is "normal" as I have found such issues also in most pictures of printed parts on various pages in the internet. It helps to print slower, very slow and it depends also on the material. Darker, brighter, glossy or not, these all makes huge differences how much visible it is.
  13. Smithy

    Help with my prints!

    I think it is nothing you can solve with just software settings, it is hardware related and this should be solved first. Could be under extrusion from time to time, so check you feeder - could be a problem with your Z-axis or screw. If layers are misaligned then also check belt tension. It is hard to say what it is exactly with these China printers. They are build with low quality and have a lot of vibrations during the print, axis are not 100% straight and so on. So you can just check part by part. Try print very slow and check if it is better.
  14. Smithy

    Profil für Flex Material von Ultimaker gesucht

    Verwendest du das Ultimaker TPU95A Filament? Und hast du auch tatsächlich die Default Settings in Cura dafür verwendet? Druckst du mit einem 0.4er AA Printcore? Dann fällt mir nur noch ein, dass eventuell das Material zuviel Feuchtigkeit aufgenommen hat. Ich bilde mir ein, dass auch TPU95A empfindlich gegen zu hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit ist.
  15. I am off from my printers at the moment, but UM3 has the latest firmware and the UM2Go the latest Tinkergnome FW.

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