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  1. I don't think it is needed, I never touched or lubricated it. So don't worry.
  2. Das sind die Engineering Profile die es für die S-Line Drucker gibt. Bei allen anderen Modellen passt man selbst die Geschwindigkeiten an. Ich verwende zB am UM3 meist 35mm/sec für alles, auch Jerk um das zu eliminieren.
  3. The limit is only when you adjust the temperature on the fly during a print. You can set any temperature in Cura you want.
  4. They don't fit, the nozzles for the print cores are longer. And I don't recommend to do it, a print core is not made to replace the nozzle. If it is worn out, buy a new one and you are on the safe side.
  5. Sure you can try it, but be warned that you retighten the nozzle as hell to avoid any leakage.
  6. Try to heat up the nozzle to the nylon print temperature and try again the clean filament. If it doesn't help, you can try to push gently with a small needle through the nozzle. It could be that the glass fibers are clocking your nozzle. Thats also the reason why most abrasive materials should be printed with 0.6 nozzle.
  7. It is really not recommended to change the nozzle on the print core. You risk your whole print head if something goes wrong and filament leaks out on the upper part of the nozzle. The print core itself is one part and it is not made to replace a worn out nozzle. But it is doable with some work.
  8. Standard nozzle are too small and don't fit. There are one or two 3rd party vendors which made replacement nozzles, but I don't recommend it. Why? Because the problem is that the core is very fragile and you have to tighten the nozzle very hard back into the core. If you don't do that, the risk that filament comes out on the upper part of the nozzle is high and in that case you can fill and damage your whole print head. In other cases, the print core breaks when you screw the nozzle in. And to answer the question about AA 0.4 and AA 0.8. You can adjust the line width in Cura, that'
  9. Smithy

    UM2 Slide Block

    Das wäre übrigens die Teilenummer von den Sliding Blocks des UM3 mit fertig montierten Riemen, was wesentlich einfacher zu tauschen ist. 225586
  10. Smithy

    UM2 Slide Block

    Die vom UM3 sollten passen, aber der S3 verwendet zwei unterschiedliche Größen. Die einen sind die gleichen wie vom UM3, die anderen sind größer.
  11. Normal Nylon is no problem to print with AA cores but glass or carbon filled Nylon can quickly wear out your nozzle. Depending on the material one spool could be enough for that. I would not try it, buy a CC core and you are one the safe side. But if you just need to print something once, then print it with the AA core but be prepared that you should replace it. But the AA is much cheaper than the CC.
  12. Sometimes I wish Cura would only support Ultimaker printers. Such discussions are tedious and annoying. No one is forced to use Cura and if there are so many alternatives that support USB perfectly, then I personally would use this software. No one is sad about it, not even Ultimaker, since they have nothing to gain from whether you use Cura or not.
  13. Smithy

    UM2 Slide Block

    Ich würde trotzdem telefonisch anfragen und du kannst danach sicher sein die richtigen bestellt zu haben. Ich hab gerade bei meinen Druckern geschaut, es könnte passen, aber ganz sicher bin ich mir nicht.
  14. Digital Factory ist ein Cloud Service, d.h einloggen und via Cam den Druck beobachten geht von überall und sogar ohne VPN.
  15. Welcome Scott and have fun here!
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