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  1. Do you use UM material or any other brand? If any other brand you have to choose Generic CPE (which is actually PETG) and the same in Cura. The notification message occurs when you have different materials specified during filament loading and what you have configured in Cura. When you have added your own materials then it is important that the material typ is (in that case) CPE. Then the internal GUID is the same for your custom created material and the Generic CPE material on the printer. Here you can a more deeper explanation:
  2. Which height is configured for the first layer in Cura?
  3. I have not seen a material station in action yet, but I guess the loading process is how it should work. You load the material into the station, not into the print core. The idea behind is, that you load for example all 6 spools with different materials and as soon as you send a print job to the printer, the needed material will be loaded from the material station to the print core automatically.
  4. Das ist meistens so, dass es im unpassendsten Moment auftritt 🙂 Mit Ruhe und Geduld an die Sache ran gehen ist dann immer am Besten.
  5. I don't think it was the reason, because when the PVA was not sticking to the glass, then you should see the PVA anywhere else. So I guess it was not really extruding. Did you start the calibration right after installation of the printer? If so, then this was the reason. I heard about a problem/bug, that after the welcome setup the material could be retracted too much, that you don't have the filament at the nozzle when needed. Don't worry, this is just during the setup.
  6. No it is just on/off This is easy, when you change filament you usually do a unload and load. During the load the nozzle is primed as long as press OK on the printer. So let it prime as long as the color is fine and not mixed.
  7. Da wir nicht in der Kristallkugel lesen können, wäre es hilfreich wenn du uns ein paar mehr Infos geben könntest. Ich nehme an du druckst über USB, versuch das ganze einmal mit der SD Karte, was sowieso die bessere Variante wäre.
  8. The same way as you use the UM cores. I guess the warning is normal and you cannot avoid it. Cura just sees a non UM print core and thinks the profile you want to use is not compatible with this core. But I am not 100% sure if there is way to suppress the warning. It is not intended to remove the nozzle from the UM core. Of course it works by force, but I have already read that it is then very difficult to reinsert the nozzle again so that everything is tight. So try it, but don't use the core if the nozzle is not again in its correct place. Otherwise material will ooze out and fill up your print head.
  9. I am a little bit confused now, first you asked about ToughPLA, now it seems you already used the Core. I know you have to be very careful when unscrewing the nozzle on the 3DSolex Hardcore, you have to use pliers to hold the block and then unscrew and screw the nozzle. Otherwise you will break the Hardcore! When you are not able to screw it back all the way, then there are good chances that the print core oozes again. But don't use too much force to screw it in. Try to clean it, maybe you need to heat it up again to be able to get off the material. And when everything is ok again, then you can just use the hardcore as any other print core on your printer. It is basically a print core with exchangeable nozzles from another company. That's it, no more magic.
  10. Can you save our Cura project (File -> Save) and post the file here, then we can have a look at it.
  11. Fantastic idea and great feature! It was always annoying that the seam was not really straight in some models. Will give it a try the next days.....
  12. Prüfe einmal ob der hintere mittlere Lüfter funktioniert. Der ist für die Kühlung der Heatbreak verantwortlich und wenn der nicht mehr geht, führt das zum verstopften Hotend.
  13. Can you please be a little bit more specific and elaborate what you mean exactly? What do you want to adjust and where?
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