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  1. So you just changed the filament and it was solved? Great that it is working again, and thanks for the update.
  2. Smithy

    Ultimaker 2 x y Switch broken Problem

    Beim Filament solltest du "Markenware" verwenden, die billigen sind meist nicht so toll und machen mehr Probleme als du sparst. Ich habe gute Erfahrungen mit Ultimaker, Innofil, Colorfabb und Filamentum gemacht, gibt aber auch noch andere.
  3. Smithy

    Rollenhalter an der Seite

    Ja, schau einmal hier, ich habe meinen UM2GO auf seitlich umgebaut.
  4. Smithy


    Der Prime Tower kann helfen, kann aber auch stören. Falls du ihn verwendest, solltest du ihn so nah wie möglich an dein Objekt platzieren, anderenfalls könntest du "stringing" bekommen weil die aktive Nozzle ja schon druchbereit ist. Ich verwende meist keinen Prime Tower, kann aber beim 2 farbigen Druck wo es wichtig ist, dass die Farben sehr exakt an einer Kante wechseln schon wichtig sein. Bei höheren Objekten gehst du aber auch die Gefahr ein, dass der Turm umfällt, daher eher breiter machen und/oder mt Brim drucken.
  5. Smithy

    SUPPORT: Cura Software

    Danke fürs Update. Das ist allerdings komisch, aber gut, dass es jetzt funktioniert. Möglicherweise ist da irgendetwas mit den Druckerprofil passiert. Durch das Neuanlegen wird das Profile ja wieder neu erzeugt.
  6. Smithy

    Ultimaker s5 vs 3

    Hi, they are only similar on the first sight, but the S5 has much more: The S5 has hardened feeder weels so you have the ability to print abrasive material with the new CC print core. Improved auto-leveling, which measures the whole build plate and not just 3 points as the UM3 Bigger build volume, you can never have enough room for your prints 🙂 Modern touch display Filament sensor Better feeder, which is a charm compared to the UM3 and some other improvements If you have the budget, go with the S5, it is more future proof (there is an extension port, which is reserved for ??? extensions) and you have much more possibilities like build volume and the ability to print abrasive materials. On the other hand, if you have a smaller budget, you make nothing wrong with the UM3, it is still a great printer, except for the differences mentioned above.
  7. Smithy

    Change filament per object

    As far as I know, there is no possibility, except manual editing the gcode, to pause the print in the kind you need it. There is a plugin to pause at a specific layer, but you would need it in the same layer. You can just go through the gcode and add the pause manually where you need it, but I am not the gcode expert and don't know the command or sequence you need for that.
  8. Hi I guess you have one or more hardware issues, like belt tension, z screw, general stability, or something like that. But here are not so many users with Prusa printers, so I am not sure if someone can point you in the right direction. I can also not say if it is normal, that the bed leveling is normal for your kind of printer. I don't think that it has something to do with Cura, but if you check the layer view in Cura and don't see any problems, then the file was sliced correctly.
  9. Smithy

    Funny Snowchildren

    Looks nice, thanks for sharing...
  10. Smithy

    SUPPORT: Cura Software

    Du könntest noch das das ganze Projekt in Cura speichern (als Projekt) und hier uploaden, dann sehe ich auch deine Settings die du eingestellt hast.
  11. Smithy

    Material Management UM2+

    Yes, that's right, switching to Marlin gives you full control. With Ulticode flavor the material is managed by the printer and you have to edit the materials.txt file to add new materials or change parameter.
  12. Smithy

    SUPPORT: Cura Software

    Also am STL bzw. deinem Fusion Object liegt es nicht. Ich habe das STL geladen und in Cura 3.6. importiert und es schaut gut aus. Musste es nur runter skalieren, weil es kanp 400x400mm groß und 10mm dick war, aber sonst passt es. Ich hab dir das STL auf deiner Datei hier auch nochmal angehängt, vielleicht klappt es damit. Versuchkreis v1.stl
  13. To be honest, I don't know and I was just guessing it could be the fan. It looks as under extrusion, but I have no idea why it is only on one side. You could also try to rotate the object by 90° to see what happens.
  14. I expected a little bit more details and I missed the "how to" of the title, but it was nice an had a very professional touch. I thought we will get some info about how to setup Cura, are there some settings which are important to switch on/off and so on. But on the other hand, that would not fit into 30 minutes, so maybe I had the wrong expectations. But anyway, it was good and I am looking forward to the next webinar.

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