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  1. OK, I need to ask about this again. Aside from printing over the network I tried a new USB drive and I had two failures in a row on this new USB drive. Why would I get the same type of error on a different USB drive? Doesn't this suggest the problem is not with the USB drive? Brian
  2. OK, well this is a surprise given that I'm using the USB drive that came with the machine and the first 50 prints worked properly and I don't use that drive for anything else but 3D printing. All 50 or so of my first files were on the USB when my supplier told me to format it however the same problem occurred again later with 2 or 3 files on the drive. Of course if there's a problem with the USB drive itself then the number of files it contains is irrelevant. I will try to print over my network more often except I keep loosing my network every other day so I'll have to solve that issue fi
  3. On 5 or 6 occasions I've had this error show up: An error occurred while processing this print job. Line nr = 31869 I can't find this type of error in my S5 manual. Here's what I've found: I can reprint the item with the same file and it works. The error occurs anywhere in the print, sometimes near the start and other times at the end of a 20 hour print which wastes materials and time. My dealer said format the USB drive that came with the Ultimaker and I did this and it worked but I don't believe its connected to formatting the USB drive. I'm using the latest Cur
  4. That all makes sense now, thanks for explaining that. I've made a couple of prints now and everything is working great.
  5. Thank you for replying. I'll never know for sure but I was switching materials and extruders back and forth (in the right side toolbar) and I probably saved the file with the wrong materials. I say this because I tried the file again from scratch and it's now printing the right material. Only later did I discover the two icons you mentioned on the left toolbar, which seems kind of dangerous to include. The only value of these icons (as far as I can see) would be if you wanted to switch the order of colours if you were printing a dual colour print. Thank you again for taking the time
  6. So that seems to have solved the problem, thank you. What does this mean? I had the lifting switch in the wrong position? My model is now printing but oddly enough it seems like the materials are switched which is to say the brim was black PLA and now the object being printed in PVA. I went back to Cura and extruder 1 is PLA and extruder 2 is PVA. I presumed I had somehow switched the two while setting up the machine but after I aborted the print and choose the printer icon it showed correctly - extruder 1 as PLA and extruder 2 as PVA. Any thoughts on this?
  7. I'm setting up my new S5 right out of the box but I haven't been unable to make my first print. I'm getting the error message: Difference between detected height of both PrintCores exceeds realistic values. There is no buildup on the nozzle, it hasn't extruded anything except for the set up when the materiel was loaded. Regardless the nozzle is clean and new. The glass plate is new so there's no build up there. I read somewhere I should do the manual leveling procedure. I did that twice and I'm getting the same error. I did read that: "For active leveling to work correctly,
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