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  1. Hi Diving, thanks for the stab, unfortunately the print thin walls setting provided no change. I'm very reluctant to go messing with the wall width given that will effect many other settings and the dimensional accuracy of the final print. I know Cura used to slice things using lines of varying thickness, instead of this hatching, I just want it to go back to that. I just spend the last two days trying a certain tiny print with fine details (that I can't add a brim to) that keeps being shaken free from the build plate with this hatching. Can any of the devs weigh in? Is there a way to switch this back to the previous slicing way?
  2. Anyone know any settings I can change so it prioritises long lines instead of hatching?
  3. Hi folks! I have made a super simple box, and I want the outer walls to be 3 lines thick, e.g. 1.2mm using a 0.4mm nozzle. I've set this all up in fusion fine with parameters. However, when I import it into Cura and slice it, it hatches the middle, rather than adding a solid line: The hatching is problematic for many reasons; it shakes the printer, working things loose it's noisy it reduces the structural integrity of the print it takes longer to print wears motors makes it harder to achieve a waterproof part. I tried changing the walls to 1.201 in fusion and it works fine now, but now it makes it harder to design my part. This is what I think it should do if I set it to 1.2mm: I thought I'd raise it, because I remember in previous versions of Cura it would add a line, even when one wouldn't technically fit (it would compensate flow according to the gap), I much preferred this method to the weird hatching, but it seems to not do this, anymore. Is this something I can change in the settings?
  4. Yes indeed @BasW! @smartavionics I will definitely be leaving the jerks be from now on. Haha!
  5. Solved!! @smartavionics, I could kiss you! I've been struggling with this issue for many moons and it's really weighed on me. You're amazing! Thank you thank you! The new prints are looking a million times better. I can now get to troubleshooting the rest of the issues that I can now see thanks to you clearing up the main one. I'm thrilled. Thank you! https//imgur.com/a/pHR9XdG
  6. @smartavionics here is the gcode an project file for the pink rail (images 3,4,5,6,8,9 in my OP) I turned down the speed to 40 and retraction to 0.6 in a later version and it's a little better, but even at 20m/s with an aluminium extruder arrangement and microswiss all metal hot end on my CR10s5 I still see this effect on my models when using any Cura above 3.4.1, and I still get this on my wanhao duplicator i3 mini no matter what I do. 😞 CCR10S5_Hornet -Rail -5pcs change reaction.3mf CCR10S5_Hornet -Rail -5pcs change reaction.gcode
  7. I've had the issue since upgrading from 3.4.1, myself.
  8. It works, does the job, there are a couple of cool infil patterns, but I miss many many settings from cura and cura's useability.
  9. Yea, I'm still struggling with it. Despite an upgrade to an all metal hot end, new extruder arrangement and printing suuuuper slowly. I've seen a lot of people on the 3d printing subreddit and discord (that I moderate) with this issue, but still no acknowledgement/help here. It doesn't happen in slic3r, but I desperately miss my cura. 😞
  10. Yea I've upgraded my extruder arrangement and got an all metal hot end and I'm still seeing issues.
  11. It looks like I'm not the only one experiencing this issue since updating to Cura 3.6, here's another user on Reddit:
  12. Thanks so much for the reply! Unfortunately it's not only the first layer. It's all the way through. The last two images are the topmost layer. And watching it print, I can see this issue occuring on every layer right the way through, in the same places on each layer. Note the artifact appears in the layers on the closest corner in images 3&4. It's definitely not a leveling issue, when I live level the whole bed with a huge brim on a cube it doesn't appear. It doesn't appear on any brims, actually, no matter how wide. Or bridges. Only fill and perimeters. I know leveling can cause a similar effect, but if you zoom in on image 1 you can see it's not squishing the filament, it's simply not extruding it. This is evidenced in the little drippy line that appears instead of a smudgy one from a too-close bed. And yea, it happens on every layer, so not leveling I'm afraid. :( The extruder gears seem in good repair on both of the machines I'm working on. :(
  13. I'm struggling with some settings-based periodic under extrusion. I think it started when I upgraded to 3.6. Here is an album of annotated images, describing the issue; https://imgur.com/a/XKnfrMR Some notes on the issue: Doesn't happen on brims or skirts, or bridges. Seems to happen on walls, and fill. Which leads me to believe that it's not mechanical, it's settings-based. Happens regardless of machine. These were on both my CR10s5 and Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini. Happens on different filaments (including ones I've used to great success previously) Happens regardless of retractions in the area. Happens relatively consistently between layers. Anyone got any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?
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