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  1. @smartavionics Thx! I will give it a try tomorrow
  2. @smartavionics I just tried the Inclusive on Slicing Tolerance, you are right, it's better, but still some problems on some layers. But good to know! I never tried this option. Thank you for trying 🙂
  3. @kmanstudios I tried moved the part on different spots, the problem is still there, but as mentionned in my previous answer, the problem is maybe coming from scaling 😉
  4. Well, this is not a graphic issue as I tried to print it (as mentionned by @DidierKlein) and the problems are "real" and appeared on the printed part. I tried to sliced it again, and the problem is still there, at the exact same position. BUT! I discovered one more clue to this problem. I was scaling the part (not uniform). I tried different scale to see where the problem occurs : 100% scale (uniform) -> no problem 70% scale (uniform) -> no problem 80% (XY) / 63% (Z) (not uniform) -> no problem 73% (XY) / 63% (Z) (not uniform) -> no problem
  5. Hi everyone! I'm having a weird behavior with CURA 3.6 and spiralize (vase mode). Some layers are missing, replaced by a straight line... (see the pictures) I'm using a very classic profile, execpt for the spiralize outer contour mode. CURA 3.6 --> Layer display shows some missing or partially missing layers --> If I print like this, yes, the problem is visible in the part --> If I move down the part in CURA to print only the top of my piece, to make a quick test on where the problem is, well, no more problem displayed in CURA
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