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  1. When I finished working with Cura yesterday I left it running on my computer (Windows 10). Upon returning to my work this morning I found that cura had exited during the night, which didn't seem like a big deal. However, on startup, I got a nasty surprise. Cura said my machine profile was corrupted and offered to delete all of my profile information. There wasn't a "no - don't do that" button, so I clicked the "X" to close the dialog. After that, all of my profiles from my Ender-4 were missing and I was back to the stock Ender-4 machine settings. I've done a lot of customization of my machine and profiles in the year and a half that I have been 3D printing, so that looked like quite a big disaster for me. I eventually found that folder "C:\Users\mlitzkow\AppData\Roaming\cura\4.5\machine_instances" contained an empty file named "Ender+4.global.cfg", and a file named "tmplu4h99cr" that held the missing data. A simple rename got Cura working with my Ender-4 and the dozens of custom profiles I had painstakingly developed for it. Everything is back to normal with no harm done except a couple of hours of searching through backup files, forum postings, etc. I am happy to say my story had a good ending. I am posting my experience here in case it might be useful to someone else who runs into a similar problem.
  2. Wonderful - you just opened my eyes! I have been modeling in Fusion 360 and slicing in Cura. Somehow it never occurred to me that I could design custom supports or adhesion features in the modeling tool. Of course, it makes perfect sense now. Many thanks.
  3. GR5 - thank you for the pointer. Somehow I had the idea that benchy would need a brim. I print on PEI, which I think has a little less adhesion than glass. So far I have not gotten the benchy to stick well enough with glue sticks, but the blue painters tape works well. That eliminates the need for a brim, so the problem goes away. Well - not exactly. There is still a question of how to print letters on the bottom of something that would really need a brim. Anyway, today's problem is solved. Again, thank you for making the video. I found it very helpful.
  4. OK, I now understand why the "D" is a problem and other letters aren't. It's because of the "island" inside the "D". When I set up for either a skirt or a brim, Cura wants to put a tiny skirt (or brim) around that island. I want to be able to put part numbers, version numbers, maker's marks, etc. on the bottoms of my prints. Thus the letters on the bottom of benchy are a good test for me. I tried using a skirt with Skirt Distance set to 0 instead of a brim. That also puts a skirt around the inner part of the "D". I tried support blocking, but it seems that the brim isn't considered to be a support, so it doesn't get blocked. I've considered hacking the gcode, but that seems like a pretty complex solution. Surely there must be other users who want to print a perfect benchy - including the bottom. Of course, maybe others can print the benchy without a brim. I find that the bottom of the boat is rather small compared to the height of the boat, so my printer will consistently knock the boat over at around 3/4 way through the print. Does anyone have any ideas on things to try before resorting to hacking the gcode?
  5. I am slicing a standard 3d benchy with Cura 3.6.0 on Windows 10. Using a brim for bed adhesion and with "Brim Only on Outside" set, I find that Cura is filling in the "D" on the bottom of the boat. Going by the color scheme shown, it appears to be creating a brim inside the "D". This is not a printer issue. I'm just showing the bottom layer of the gcode file Cura creates. If I slice with build plate adhesion set to "None", there is not blue line inside the "D", so I think the blue line is part of the brim that Cura is generating for me. I want the brim, I just don't want it inside the lettering. Is there a different setting I can use to ask Cura not to generate a brim inside my model?
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