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  1. Hello everyone, I am a brand new user to this forums and a fairly inexperienced tinkerer of 3D-printing and the utilization of Cura in general. Using the search function I was not able to find a topic related to what I am curious about and the SolidWorks addon also seems to be meant for different purposes. The question I have aims at the export of models already processed/sliced by Cura and thus ready to be exported as Gcode to a printer to instead reimport them back into SolidWorks to perform a FEA. The FEA is meant as a pilot test to study and compare the effects that different kinds of printing settings like infill density and pattern might have regarding the deflection and stress on designs of mine when applied with a force and without the need to actually print and measure every single one of them. Of course I could try to recreate my designs as hollow bodys and then try to include infill patterns of different densities manually in SolidWorks but if Cura would be able to perform this task for me automatically and exactly the way it slices the formerly solid CAD model into partly hollow Gcode, it would make my work a lot easier. Thanks for stopping by and your ideas
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