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  1. So if I am understanding this correctly, this will comb and also retract before longer travel moves over the set distance. So the comb+retraction will not enable oozing filament to be lost gliding over the print?
  2. I need some help here. With .8 nozzle Combing mode is great at making clean prints with zero ooze. The problem is that it does not take the straightest path to start a new layer. It instead will travel along the printed part only and during that time it is taking to travel the .8 nozzle releases a bit of pressure and when a new layer is started there is a couple mm gap missing of the layer due to lost filament gliding on printed parts. Is there a way to keep combing mode and print in the straightest path?? Avoiding printed parts does not work.
  3. I have a disign similar to a square. I want to align the seam at an exact specific point. I can set the seam to x 50, y55 and I can see the seam start and end on the corner. But I want to move the seam slightly to the other side of the corner so I try to set x 51. The seam now jumps about 5 cm the other direction. I can even make adjustments to .001 and it will still jump almost 5cm the other direction. What is the deal??? How can I get accurate full control of the alignment? Also is there a way to put a point on the surface to see the exact coordinates I want to pin point rather than trial an error every fraction of a millimeter?
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