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  1. Cant wait that long. Hppe that happens some day, I assume it will. In the mean time, I plan to try this path. Can you send me the instructions on reprogramming the cc to core to look like an AA0.4 Thank you so much for your help. I will document the process for others.
  2. Thank you for the confirmation on the upgrade. I agree, I plan to buy two extruders, and will need some help on reprogramming the core. Yes, can you send me the instructions regarding reprogramming the CC core to AA 0.4. However, I would love to have future versions of Cura support the cc core for UM 3 configuration. Thank you,
  3. I purchased the CC print Core for my Ultimaker 3. Assumed incorrectly that the UM3 supported the new ruby print core. I also purchased a very expensive roll of 3Kg of NylonX carbon fiber reinforced Nylon filament. At this point I need to get UM 3 to work with this CC print core and Need help. This is my upgrade plan. (1) purchase 2 Bondtech DDG Extruder Ultimaker 3 Upgrade. Was noted that there is only one extruder settings (311 steps) that needs to be updated in the config so It appears I have to upgrade both extruders. (2) Cura 4.0 Beta and earlier versions show only AA and BB print cores for UM3. nozzle size of .4 and 0.8 available only. No 0.6 mm size. How do I setup Cura for the CC print core and 0.6mm nozzle size? Anything else that needed for this upgrade? Thank you
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