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  1. Hey all, What's the recommended general retraction length and maximum?
  2. Thank you, just to make sure it's clear. I do the follow. 1 place the PI insulator into the heatsink and screw tight into the heater block 2 screw nozzle in afterwords. and this would mean the nozzle will stick out the heater block a little more.
  3. Hey guys, just to confirm the PI insulator goes between the nozzle and boden tube? has anyone had any problems with leaks or disassembly where the boden meets the insulator?
  4. Perfect thank you, having so much trouble trying to get holdo and PI Hotend Insulator and the suggested website to use, is really hard to use.
  5. Hi All, Can anyone photo actual photos of the PI Hotend Insulator 2*4*1 please Thanks Luke
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